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Gas Bikes

All Types & Brands. Find the right bike for you at Archer's Bikes. We carry parts and kits. Get a custom build or find a fully assembled bike, in stock and ready to ride today. We also have used gas bike parts and we service any bike. We can build your dream bike or finish your project when you need help. Find motor bicycles, bicycle motor kits, motorized bikes, gas powered bicycles, or just plain gas bikes. We have them all. We ship fully assembled gas bike kits, customized by you: We build it, ride it, pack it up, and send it out.

Find all you need to know about Gas Bikes on our Gas Bikes FAQs page

Gas Bikes FAQs 

or compare to electric on our E-bike FAQs page

E-Bike FAQs

See all our pre-built gas bike kits, assembled and ready to ride in our Gas Bike Catalog

Gas Bike Catalog

Choose a four-stroke or a two-stroke conversion. Bikes are built, on the floor, and ready to ride. Call it a motorized bike, a motor bicycle, gas powered bicycle or a bicycle with a helper motor. Either way, we can help you with assembly, repair, parts or even finish your project for you. We will even assemble a kit you bought from someone else. Done with your gas bike? Sell it to us - appraisals are free.

4-stroke Motorized Bicycle Conversion Kit The 80cc Motorized Bicycle is our most popular

Atlas 4-stroke Gas Trike

Ride safe - wear a helmet. Ride smart - the speed limit is 20mph in AZ. 

A gas bike is a hobby - be prepared to make adjustments before every ride.

Kit Build Options

BBR kit with 4-stroke
BBR 2-stroke kit & triple-tree fork
BBR 2-stroke kit w/hi-rise bars
Atlas Gas Powered Trike Kit Micargi 4-stroke kit 
BBR 4-stroke kit w/ape hangars

Arizona's largest motorized bicycle dealer (gas & electric):

  • Full service on all makes and models
  • Gas and electric parts in stock
  • Gas and electric kits in stock
  • We can build your dream bike or finish your project
  • Frames and wheels in stock
  • We buy used bikes
  • Prices start at $600 for a fully built gas bike kit

Many build options are available from various kits:

  • 4-stroke
    • Advantages
    • Pull start
    • Automatic clutch
    • Use pump gas
    • Cleaner burning
    • Quieter
    • Less vibration
    • More reliable
    • Stable idle
  • 2-stoke
    • Advantages
    • Lighter
    • Less expensive
    • Easy to rebuild
    • Higher weight-to-horsepower ratio
    • Power band boost
    • More hop-up options
    • Adjust-ability and tinker options
  • Handle bars
    • Low rise
    • Mid rise
    • Cruiser
    • Ape hangar
  • Frame
    • Coaster brake - standard bike (least expensive option)
    • Multi-speed bike frame
    • Gas Bike aluminum frame with built-in 2.4L gas tank  (lighter weight than a steel bike, but stronger)
  • Fork
    • Rigid fork with no suspension
    • Mountain bike fork with or without disk brake option
    • Triple-tree fork with disk brake
    • Springer fork (usually used with coaster brake style)
  • Wheels
    • Standard bike wheel - 14 gauge spokes
    • Upgraded bike wheel - 12 gauge spokes on a steel rim
    • Mag wheels with front disk option (no more broken spokes)

Parts and Supplies

We carry gas bike parts and tuner supplies in stock. Everything from kits to chains to carburetors. Ask our friendly experts for advice and suggestions for your project.


We carry the best gas bike conversion kits, frames and parts. The 80cc motorized bicycle kit is our most popular. Do it yourself or have us do it. Either way, a kit can be a great option. We have 2-stroke and 4-stroke kits, including the quick-install friction drive.

Flying Horse conversion kit
Flying Horse 48cc & 80cc 2-stroke kit

Friction Drive Kits



Installing an expansion chamber on your gas bike has many benefits. This Expansion Chamber with Muffler will enhance your power output by expanding the volumetric efficiency on your 2-stroke bike engine. In addition to adding a boost in the top end speed, this type of muffler improves the use of any left over energy from the burnt exhaust exiting the cylinder. This helps aid the filling of the cylinder for the next cycle, and all is done with a muffler to tune the sound of the exhaust. The end result is better fuel efficiency, more top-end, smoother throttle response and a quieter exhaust note.

Side mounted long pipeExpansion chamber with slilencerBanana chamber



The BBR Tuning Reed Valve Kit will have your gas bike engine (66/80cc or 48cc) running smoother in no time. It works on any 32MM stud spacing, fitting most, small 2-stroke, engine kits on the market. Installation is a easy: simply replace your existing intake manifold with the reed valve assembly, attach your carburetor to the reed's intake port, and you're done. Get an increase in bottom end torque and a smoother running throttle response.

2-stroke reed valve



The Spring Loaded Idler Pulley will maintain consistent pressure on the chain to maximize performance. It will reduce stress on the chain and keep a consistent tension through any ride. This aftermarket performance upgrade comes with all the hardware for installation. Compatible with all 2-stroke 48cc/50cc/66cc/80cc engine kits as well as 4-stroke 50cc engine kits.

Pulley tension-er on bike Pulley Tensioner



Tired of truing your motorized bike wheels every fifty miles or so? Let's face it, even the heaviest-duty spoked wheels still need plenty of maintenance and eventually need to be rebuilt. But with the BBR Tuning 26 Inch Heavy Duty Motorized Bike Mag Wheel Set you'll be able to ride longer and faster with more security than regular bike wheels ever gave you.

These alloy wheels are meant for heavy riding. Made of heavy duty alloy metal, there are no spokes to worry about other than the 6 big fins that cut through wind a WHOLE lot better than spoked wheels. Unlike standard bike wheel hubs with multiple pieces, these hubs consist of a set of bearings and a thick, sealed alloy center. Most wheels give out easily because of the multiple pieces that combine to make the hub, but because these wheels have no spokes and a solid hub, there's no need to rebuild your wheels after long rides at high speeds.

Each wheel is disk brake-ready, with six stud ports to support disk brake. The drive gear is mounted on the rear wheel, disk mounting holes, for secure transfer of power. The rear wheel comes with a 44 tooth motorized drive sprocket too. That means you don't have to use those old, ratty rag joints to mount your rear sprocket, nor do you have to spend added dollars on a sprocket adapter and the compatible sprocket. All you need is the engine chain and your motorized wheels are almost complete.

Of course, any tough wheel needs a strong tire. These single-walled wheels have tire lips big enough to fit fat, knobby 26" tires with lots of grip and tubes that hold lots of air. As far as installation, it couldn't be any easier.

If you're using disk brakes, install the disk of your disk brake assembly on to the studs of the wheel and fasten them out (if you're using caliper brakes, just tighten down the disk brake studs on the rear wheel to fasten the rear sprocket to the wheel). Install a single-speed freewheel on to the rear wheel and lock it on to the wheel. Line your wheel with tire liner, then install your tubes and tires as you would normally. Take one nut and one spacer off of each wheel axle and insert the axle through the wheel's bearings (leaving a spacer and nut on the other side, centering the wheel in the frame). Once complete, reinstall the spacer on to the open side of the wheel. Install the wheels on to your bike, fasten down the remaining nuts on their axles, and align your chain. Now you're ready to ride!

So when you're ready to make your motorized bike a mad man on the tracks as well as the trails, step up to the BBR Tuning 26 Inch Heavy Duty Motorized Bike Mag Wheel Set and feel what you've been missing.

Size: 26" x 1.75"
Tire Compatibility: 26" x 1.5" - 2.10" tires with Schrader valves
Brake Compatibility: Disc Brake and Caliper Brake
Bicycle Engine Sprocket Size: 44 Tooth
Brake disk not included

Gas Bike Mag Wheels



Tired of looking for the right frame for your bike engine kit? If you just want to bolt up and ride without messing with zip-tie's or fabricated mounts, then the BBR Tuning 26" Motorized Bicycle Frame is the frame you've been looking for. Ditch that old, clunky tank- this frame's got a 2.4L gas tank built right in, with an easy-to-use twist gas cap. The frame also cleans up your cables with cable ports running along the center and bottom of the bike, eliminating the need for ugly zip-tie's that can break loose. It's also center-pull brake ready with mounting studs for the brake arms. Your completed bike will also weigh far less than a conventional steel frame. With a front motor mount that can adapt to nearly any bike engine around, the BBR Tuning 26" Motorized Bicycle Frame is a lightweight, high quality bike frame just waiting for your next build!

Product Specifications:
Made for 26" Wheels
Stem Tube: 10" long x 6" Diameter
43" Long x 20.5" Tall
Front Motor Mount Built In
Built In 2.4L Gas Tank
Side-Pull Brake Mounts
Built In Cable guide lugs

Aluminum gas bike frame with built-in tank

Notice and Disclaimer

Important Gas Bike information

  • All gas bikes shown are assembled from kits
  • All guarantees are solely from manufacturer
  • All gas bikes are sold as-is
  • These kits are not approved for use on public highways
  • Gas Bikes are not titled and are unregistered and are not motor vehicles
  • Gas bike kits and conversions are essentially toys (your hobby)
  • Customer accepts all risks of use
  • Operating a bike, motorized bicycle or bike with a bicycle engine installed involves some risk of serious bodily injury. Buyer accepts responsibility for any and all vehicle operation that may lead to personal injury, economic loss, social distress, other losses, costs and damages.
  • Seller is not responsible for injuries and/or damages resulting from operating this motorized bicycle or bicycle engine
  • Seller is not responsible for misuse of this or any warranty
  • Not all motorized bicycles are allowed for on road use
  • We make no guarantee as to the road legality of these bike motors
  • Check your bike for safety before every ride
  • Wear a helmet
  • Check the laws of operation for the jurisdiction you are riding
  • Bicycle speed limit 20MPH
  • See our terms and conditions

NOTE: Our gasoline operated products are NOT compliant with Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for the use on/off Public roads. Upon purchase, the buyer agrees to use products for racing (closed-course competition) only and NOT for on/off public roads.