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Masi Inizio road bike

2017 Masi Road Race, Fixie, Cyclocross and Commuter Bikes - Starting at $570

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Raleigh Merit One

2017 MTB Lineup - Starting at $300

2017 BMX Lineup - Starting at $280

Del Sol Ruby LXi 6.1 ruby

2017 Kids Bikes Lineup - Starting at $110

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Raleigh RXC Cyclocross
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The Fixie

Single speed bicycles offer a great value for both simplicity and cost. They can be ridden in either freewheel or fixed mode (bike messenger). These are fully assembled and adjusted. You can be assured that the bike fits before you leave the store. We stock many colors and sizes or you can order a custom setup. 

6KU fixie single speed bike
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Pure Cycles
Haro BMX Leucadia

Find New bicycles for sale of all types.
​We have a large selection of Pedal, Electric or Gas at our shop on Country Club

Del Sol Tradewind
Raleigh Bicycles

2017 Del Sol Cruisers and Commuters - Starting at $380

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Masi CXRC cyclocross

The new 2016 27.5" Plus models provide confidence-boosting control & traction, as well as shorter braking distances, over any type of rough terrain. 27.5" Plus wheel sets provide comfort and suspension to our Subvert hardtail models as well. All 27.5" Plus bikes are spec’d with complete TCS tubeless-ready wheel sets featuring WTB rims and foldable tires with Aramid beads and 60 thread-per-inch count for lower rotational weight and excellent climbing ability.

Haro's 142mm wide rear hubs with 12mm alloy thru-axles for closed dropouts design provide increased rear wheel and rear triangle rigidity. Gain up to 30% more stiffness compared to regular quick release dropouts while keeping installation and removal of the rear wheel easy with the Shimano E-type quick-release design. All of Haro's 2016 frames use E-type axles feature a machined axle-nut lock for easy use and a steady Q/R lever position.

It's hard to know who gets more excited when it's time to buy that first bicycle. Is it the child or the parent? At Archer's Bikes, we understand the magnitude and importance of this decision. That's where the Pre Wheels or the Shredder comes into play. Well-built - top quality - for your child. 

Del Sol Campus Projekt 8 commuter
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Haro BMX

We stock BMX Parts and Supplies

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