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Bicycle Service Coupon Special

Congratulations! You found our hidden coupon for special savings on service.

Print this coupon and bring it with you to our shop to receive 50% off our Deluxe Health Check or 50% off our regular tune-up.

You must present this coupon when you drop off your bike for service.

You can present this page on your phone when you bring in your bike.

Offer good on pedal bicycles and e-bikes. Offer is not valid for motor vehicles or mobile services. 

Save 50% on a Tuneup

Save 50% on a Health Check

Or, just let us know you want to use the coupon offer when you drop off your bike for service. Not valid after the service is completed.


Tune-up (annual)                                                                           $119.00     $169.00 (motor)

  • General inspection
  • Set tire pressure
  • Check chain wear, clean and lube drive train (off bike)
  • Lubricate, adjust and inspect drive chain
  • Remove derailleur and brake cables, clean and lubricate
  • Adjust derailleur’s and shifting
  • True unbent wheels (off bike)
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check and adjust wheel bearings
  • Check and adjust headset bearings
  • Check and adjust bottom bracket
  • Lubricate all pivot points
  • Check all critical bolts for correct torque specs
  • Motor: check all elect connections, computer & motor operation
  • Clean drive train
  • Wipe down bike
  • Additional parts and labor or services are extra

Deluxe Health Check (seasonal)                                                $69.00     $89.00 (motor)

  • General inspection
  • Set tire pressure
  • Check chain wear, wipe and lube (on bike)
  • Adjust and lubricate brakes
  • Adjust derailleur’s and shifting, lubricate pivots
  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust wheel alignment and spokes (on-bike)
  • Check major bolts for tightness
  • Motor: check for proper operation
  • Additional parts and labor or services are extra

The offer expires December 31, 2024. The coupon has no actual cash value. Limit one coupon per bike. Prices are subject to change without notice. The coupon discount is only valid when presented at check-in. It is not valid for completed bikes or bikes already dropped off for service. 

See more on our Services Page.

. . . Pro MTB Overhaul . . .

Special Discount Bundle - If it has been over a year since you did a tune-up, save with this special offer and get everything done in one package (parts extra). This specially priced bundle includes the labor for the following:

  • Disassemble & clean the drive train (replace chain, cassette & chainring if needed)
  • Remove & clean the bottom bracket (replace bearings if required)
  • Remove & clean derailleurs (replace or rebuild if needed)
  • Clean & lube shifter mechanisms
  • Replace or lubricate all shifters & brake cables & housing (bleed hydraulic brakes)
  • Clean, adjust or replace brake pads (check piston action)
  • Service fork & shock seals, wipers & oil (50/100 hr service) (excludes rebound)
  • Refill shock & fork to your spec with racing Nitrogen fill (one free adjustment included)
  • Clean & lube the dropper post & cable (replace the cable if needed)
  • Remove wheels & re-tension spokes to spec. True wheels.
  • Disassemble and clean the headset (replace bearings if required)
  • Disassemble suspension pivot points, clean & torque to spec (replace bearings if needed)
  • Refresh tubeless tire sealant (install new tires if needed)
  • E-MTB: check all elect connections, computer & motor load check & operation, test voltages, and download updates if available.
  • Check all bolts to proper torque
  • Pro-clean the frame & check for damage
  • Safety & QC Test ride

Pedal Analog MTB - $249 (plus parts)

E-MTB - $299 (plus parts)

Save over 50% for these services priced individually