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Bafang BBS02 48v750w center drive kit

Bafang BBS02 48v750w center drive kit
Bafang mid drive
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Top quality mid drive e-bike conversion kit. Installation extra. Battery not included. Specifications subject to change.
750w BBS02 Bafang Mid Drive Motor (version B)
Upgraded Integrated 25amp Controller with 9 IRFB3077 MOSFETs
LCD Display (C961 Display or DPC-18 Full Color Display)
Ebrake Handle Levers or Ebrake Sensors (connects to your existing brakes)
Chain Ring and Cover (your choice of 44T, 48T or 52T)
Left Thumb Throttle
Speed Sensor with Spoke Magnet
Main Wiring Harness (wiring that connects all the kit components)
Product Features

System Voltage: 48 Volts
Up to 1300 watts with 52V battery (1152 watts with 48V battery)
Throttle and pedal assist modes
Lightweight and powerful! (Motor weighs 9.5 pounds and whole kit with all parts will add ~13 pounds to your bike.
LCD Display provides information about speed, time, battery info and pedal assist power
Plug and play connections and installation (upgraded Anderson battery connections)
Powerful and affordable mid-drive conversion ebike kit that can convert most bikes to high power ebikes
Upgraded Anderson Battery Connections

Part Numbers

210000006262 6262