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Eminent Cycles Haste MTB

Eminent Cycles Haste MTB
  • Travel: MT - Extra Long Travel Downhill
  • Travel: LT - Long Travel All Mountain
This item is currently not available.


Eminent Haste LT
What’s the single-most word that comes to mind when looking for the perfect long-travel trail bike? Limitless.

You require a bike that is ready to take on whatever… wherever. From pedaling those seemingly endless fire roads to the top, or traversing the most demanding singletrack, to taking on the chunkiest most challenging descents - and all of those once-feared trail obstacles in between - the haste lt was built to provide you with limitless confidence.

With its 150mm front/140mm rear travel and progressive high pivot AFS suspension design, the Haste’s identity lies in its profound traction capabilities. It won’t hesitate to devour whatever is in its path. It’s not just in those super challenging and technical climbs where the Haste has you covered. The lt will also stand up staunchly in your most intense high-speed activities, involving everything from aggressive cornering to taking on the biggest of hits, all while keeping you balanced and ready for what’s next. In other words, it performs exactly the way you need it to… predictably.

Eminent Haste MT
When you think of the perfect enduro rig, you think of a bike that has it all. Whether it’s descending the gnarliest, rockiest, most root-cladded terrain, or taking on the most insanely challenging climbs, you need a bike that you can count on. Our deep passion in enduro has always been our calling... And the Haste mt is our answer.

The Haste MT was designed with a culmination of technology that defines our DNA at eminent. Its essence lies in its profound traction capabilities, ready to take on everything your journey throws at it. From its 170mm front/160mm rear travel, to its progressive high pivot AFS suspension configuration, the Haste mt was designed to provide utmost ride support through the most difficult of terrain. Whether descending at high speeds, or enduring uber-technical climbs, once the mt encounters an obstacle, it tracks with it, back and out of the way, and then resets for its next impact. Its assertive mid-stroke performance and strong bottom-out support keeps you holding your lines and fully controlled on the trail during your most playful moments. The Haste mt performs in exactly the manner you demand from a proper enduro bike… relentless.

Confidence inspired. Ride uncompromised.