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Wheel Master Motorbike Mag Wheels - Gas Bike Wheel Set

Wheel Master Motorbike Mag Wheels - Gas Bike Wheel Set
Gas Bike mag wheels
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Tired of truing your motorized bike wheels every fifty miles or so? Let’s face it, even the heaviest-duty spoked wheels still need plenty of maintenance and eventually need to be rebuilt. But with the Wheel Master 26 Inch Heavy Duty Motorized Bike Mag Wheel Set you’ll be able to ride longer and faster with more security than regular bike wheels ever gave you.
These alloy wheels are meant for heavy riding. Made of heavy duty alloy metal, there are no spokes to worry about other than the 6 big fins that cut through wind a WHOLE lot better than spoked wheels. Unlike standard bike wheel hubs with multiple pieces, these hubs consist of a set of bearings and a thick, sealed alloy center. Most wheels give out easily because of the multiple pieces that combine to make the hub, but because these wheels have no spokes and a solid hub, there’s no need to rebuild your wheels after long rides at high speeds.
Each wheel is disc brake-ready, with 6x stud ports to support nearly any disc brake assembly- even the rear wheel. And did we mention that each rear wheel comes with a 44 tooth motorized drive sprocket? Yup, and it’s disc brake ready, too. That means you don’t have to use those old, ratty rag joints to mount your rear sprocket, nor do you have to spend +$90 on a sprocket adapter and the compatible sprocket. All you need is the engine chain and your motorized wheels are almost complete.
Of course, any tough wheel needs a strong tire. These single-walled wheels have tire lips big enough to fit fat, knobby 26” tires with lots of grip and tubes that hold lots of air. As far as installation, it couldn’t be any easier:
If you’re using disc brakes, install the disc of your disc brake assembly on to the studs of the wheel and fasten them out (if you’re using caliper brakes, just tighten down the disc brake studs on the rear wheel to fasten the rear sprocket to the wheel)
Install a single-speed freewheel on to the rear wheel and lock it on to the wheel
Line your wheel with tire liner, then install your tubes and tires as you would normally
Take one nut and one spacer off of each wheel axle and insert the axle through the wheel’s bearings (leaving a spacer and nut on the other side)
Once through, reinstall the spacer on to the open side of the wheel
Install the wheels on to your bike, fasten down the remaining nuts on their axles, and align your chain
Now you’re ready to ride!
So when you’re ready to make your motorized bike a mad man on the tracks as well as the trails, step up to the BBR Tuning 26 Inch Heavy Duty Motorized Bike Mag Wheel Set and feel what you’ve been missing.
Alloy mag wheels with a flip flop style hub with fixed 44T cog for gas powered bicycles
Suitable for tires between 1.75 and 2.2 inches wide
Multi-speed or single speed freewheel compatible
Machined brake track
Inner rim width: 17mm
Outer rim width: 27mm
Axle length front: 155mm
Axle length rear: 180mm with Schrader valves
Brake Compatibility: Disc Brake and Caliper Brake
Bicycle Engine Sprocket Size: 44 Tooth

Part Numbers

210000004839 4839