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Haibike - iZip - Raleigh Electric

Leading the industry since 2010, bikes are in stock and ready to ride. Largest selection of e-bikes in AZ. Many bikes on sale or closeout. We service all makes and models of e-bikes. Trade in your old bike or get your bike fixed today.

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Haibike E-MTB and Urban E-Bikes


Leading the industry in selection and innovation, Haibike offers a very deep lineup of mountain and urban e-bikes. Find the SDURO & XDURO styles using Bosh and Yamaha motors for durability and power. Enjoy an eAdventure on any of the many Haibike models to choose from: recreational, urban, commuter, all-mountain or even serious downhill. All Haibike models have proven durability and components that makes these bikes last, all supported by industry-leading warranty & support.

iZip Urban & Leisure e-bikes


IZIP Electric Bike’s Leisure category features a range of styles. From ebike cruisers that make you feel like you’re floating on a breeze, to electric bikes designed with the commuter in mind ready to tackle hilly streets, longer rides and get you to work with no sweat. IZIP Electric has bikes that can get you there faster, go longer, and even carry cargo and make life on the go a breeze!

Raleigh Electric Urban and Mountain Bikes

Raleigh Electric

Raleigh Electric bikes are designed around one idea: Fun. This is an idea that inspired our first bikes back in 1887 and continues to inspire our bikes today. So much of our lives revolve around getting from point A to point B, why shouldn't we enjoy the ride while we get there? Take a break from your car and speed up your commute with a Raleigh electric bike. Besides the grin that comes with riding an electric bike, there are other benefits as well: travel efficiency, eco friendliness, and fitness, to name a few.