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Nakto Classic 26 Urban Cruiser

Nakto - Practical & Affordable E-Bikes

With bikes starting at under $650, Nakto bikes fit any budget. Built using reliable and durable frame materials, Nakto bikes are made for the long haul. We have most models built and in stock, ready to test ride or take home today. Buy online and have your bike shipped to you anywhere in the contiguous USA. Backed by a one-year factory warranty, with spare parts in stock, you can trust your bike to keep on running. Pragmatic components mean every bike works at its best, without the risk of premature failure. You can expect 500 or more complete charge cycles before substantial battery degradation. Most bikes, depending on riding conditions, will go 25 miles or more, when used on the low pedal assist level. Practical and affordable, that's Nakto.

Get The Most Miles

Nakto Fashion Folding Electric

Nakto Folding Electric

The Nakto folding electric bike is not only very affordable, it's light weight and folds up into a 26"X33"X18" bundle. The 36v 250w motor is powerful enough for the most demanding ride. 15 to 25 mile rides are easy when you have the bike out for a little fun. Commute, enjoy the outdoors, run errands or fold it up to take on your next trip. It's fun to ride. Take one out and test ride one today.

Nakto Fat Tire Cruiser

Nakto Fat Tire Urban Cruiser

Cruise around town, go hunting or fishing, or enjoy a ride in the park. Either way, at under $1,000, you will love the Nakto Cruiser 26 (and, its big brother, the Super Cruiser). The Cruiser is a very practical and natural riding bike. Drop into the shop and test ride one today. We are sure you will find it a great way to have fun on the road or in the dirt.