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Electric Scooters


Arrive fresh and clean at your destination with an Electric Scooter! Select a powerful high-efficiency 350-watt motor to power you up to 15mph so you can make great time without ever breaking a sweat. One charge can confidently take you up to 15 miles, allowing you to make a day of it or travel a long route from home to work. Find a huge variety of entry-level scooters to two-wheel drive, full suspension, monsters. 

Short commute? Save and get a manual kick scooter. They cost less, are more durable, lighter, and easy to store. 

Rather sit down? Some varieties come with a seat. 

(Sorry, no gas scooters or mobility scooters at this time.)

Kick-style E-Scooter

Standard E-Scooter

When you say "e-scooter" these days, it means a traditional stand-up model where you use your leg power to get going. Some will start without motion, others must be moving first, to activate the throttle. Most go 15mph for about 12 miles. Larger, faster, models will go much farther. These start at about $300.

Manual Kick Scooter

Kick Scooter

As the name implies, this scooter requires you to do all the work. These come in many varieties, some for doing tricks in the park, others for around town. These start at about $250.

Seated Electric Scooter

Seated Electric Scooter

Like the others, this type of scooter comes in many different styles. Most are designed for 20 mpg and go 30 miles. Key features of this type of scooter are no pedals and a relaxed seated position. These start at about $1,500. 

Scooter Repairs

We work on most any e-Scooter. Get parts and service for all major brands. We carry a large selection of scooter tires, including solid tires. Tire installation and repair can be done on most scooters on the same day. Electrical diagnostics is available to let you know what is wrong before you pay for expensive repairs. Find it all: chargers, batteries, throttle, crash repair, diagnostics, display, and tires. 

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