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Skater FAQs

Skateboard FACs

  • Carving Longboards: Used for skating in a way that heavily mimics the large or tight turns done on a surfboard.
  • Cruising Longboards: Used for general all-purpose skating as a form of transportation and fun.
  • Downhill Longbards: Used for high-speed and very advanced longboarding generally performed on designed racetracks, areas, or hills.
  • Drifting: Sliding in a controlled manner in order to scrub off speed in order to safely hold a line around a corner.
  • Freeride Longboards: Used for technical tricks that are performed in quick succession with one another. Tricks often consist of a series of slides at various speeds.
  • Freestyle Longboards: Used for technical tricks that are based off traditional skateboarding tricks. These tricks commonly consist of popping the board off the ground and making the board do a series of flips and spins.
  • Goofy Footed: Skating with your right foot forward as your dominant stance.
  • Long Distance Push: A style of riding where board setups are finely tuned for maximum comfort and performance when pushing very long distances. Ideally, LDP boards will sit very low to the ground to decrease the amount of height a rider needs to dip down in order to kick or push off the ground.
  • Manual: Using a kicktail on a board to gain leverage over your front or back wheels to perform a "wheelie." In the world of skateboarding a wheelie is called a "manual." When performing the trick on the front your board it is referred to as a "nose-manual."
  • Pack-skating: Skating in a tight group of riders, generally at high speeds. Having trust in the skaters around you is a key-factor in pack-skating.
  • Pumping: Gyrating your board by a series of controlled turns in order to generate speed without pushing.
  • Pushing: Kicking along the ground as a form of self-propulsion.
  • Regular Footed: Skating with your left foot forward as your dominant stance.
  • Slalom: A style of racing on shorter board setups where the rider weaves in and out of multiple cones at relatively high speeds.
  • Sliding: Turning you and your board sideways while skating at a high enough speed to make your wheels lose traction and break into a slide. This is the basis of free riding.
  • Switch: Skating opposite of your dominant stance.
  • Bearings
  • Abec Rating: Abec stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. This group of engineers developed a rating system for a bearing's precision that is accepted worldwide. However, not all bearing companies choose to have their products rated by ABEC. A primary example is the company Bones who makes some of the best competition bearings in the world.
  • Balls: Bearings actually have a series of balls inside of them that sit securely inside of a casing unit. They make the wheel go around!
  • Built-In: Built-in bearings are bearings with spacers and speed rings built into their design.
  • Casing: The casing holds the ball bearings in place.
  • Ceramics: Ceramic is easier to form than steel and therefore much more precise. Ceramic bearings do not heat up like steel bearings do and are ideal for high speed, long distance, downhill riding.
  • Inner Race: This is the small ring on the inside of the bearing that goes directly around the axle of your truck.
  • Outer Race: This is the outermost ring of your bearing that helps keep everything in place.
  • Shield: Shields are the colored round protectors on the outside of the bearing that usually has something written on it. They aren't just for decoration though! They keep the insides of the bearing protected from gunk and grime that somehow always finds its way into bearings. Shields are key to having your bearings last a long time. Some bearings will have a shield on both sides of bearing. The term for these bearings is "double shielded."
  • Spacers: Spacers were originally designed to keep wheels from wobbling on axles in the original days of skateboarding. They fit inside of the wheel's core between your bearings and allow you to tighten your axle nuts down further for a smoother ride, smoother slide, and more security over all.
  • Steel: Most bearings will be made of steel. They roll great, are relatively inexpensive, and are very durable.
  • Swiss: Swiss-made bearings are known for their incredible precision. More precision means fewer flaws in construction and less chance for unnecessary friction!

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