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Bicycle training and fitting
​Group and Private Programs

  • Mountain bike SAG adjustments
  • Basic bike fit: seat position & height, bars, stem, perch, foot position and reach
  • Every new bike comes with a basic bike fit
  • Tire pressure
  • Tire selection

We have experts to help you with bicycle training and fitting.
Get the right bike for you and make sure it is adjusted right to maximize your riding enjoyment.
see our group and private programs.



Customized corporate desert riding team-building for small business groups and customer appreciation events.




Free workshops (announced monthly)

  • Fix a flat tire
  • Proper bike selection and fit
  • Routine maintenance at home
  • Find the right bike for you
  • Introduction to basic mountain bike riding and skills - one hour
  • Mountain bike riding flow for new riders - one hour
  • Mountain bike riding flow for intermediate riders - two hours
  • Mountain bike riding flow for advanced riders - three hours
  • Beginning bicycle riding skills for children 5-10 years - one hour

Come and meet our world-class trainers and sign up for any of the industry leading, professionally delivered, training programs. All our courses include professionally prepared lesson plans and hands-on skills development.

Mike Suit

Over 20 years experience racing, riding, leading and participating in the mountain bike market.