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We buy used bikes. Trade ins welcome.
​Our used bike purchase program allows you to sell you bike fast.
Need a little extra cash, don't want the hassle of selling or just want to clear out the garage.
See us today.

Used Bike Purchase Program
​Trade ins welcome

The Process

At Archer’s Bikes we are always on the lookout for good quality used bikes. We are licensed in the City of Mesa as a Second-Hand Dealer and do follow a rigorous process to ensure that the bikes we buy are not stolen. Sellers will be required to provide some proof that they indeed own the bike they are selling. Also, you will be required to show a valid, government-issued, picture ID and provide a finger print. All transactions are video recorded. Sellers will fill out a Pawn ticket, which is entered into a national database ( and turned into the City of Mesa Police department. We hold the bike for at least 20-days before it is processed for sale. Purchases will be paid by business check – payable to the person providing the fingerprint and ID.

What We Will Buy?

If you want to avoid the hassle of selling your bike, or just want to trade it in for a new one, we can handle that. Many sellers bring in all the bikes stacked in the garage. Some may be in poor condition or neglected for a long time. In any case, we will give you a price for your bike. We do buy department store bikes, however, they usually have very little value. Remember, many department store bikes sell new for less than $100 for a reason. Any bike or trike, pedal or motorized, will be considered. Sorry, we do not do consignment. In all cases, it is at our sole discretion to make you an offer. We may decline your bike.

What is Your Bike Worth?

We use Bicycle Blue Book and other sources to determine value. You should consider that any bike will depreciate the moment it is purchased. Even a one-year-old bike will have declined in value substantially. Expect a trade-in or direct purchase appraisal of about 1/4 the price it was new (as a quick guide). After we buy your bike, we have to go through it and guarantee it after it’s sold. That costs us money and time, not to mention that we also need to make a profit. If you have an antique or collector’s bike, try e-Bay first. We do not trade in collector’s bikes. Our offer will reflect our invested cost (acquisition cost, parts, labor and how long it will sit), and consideration on how easy it will be for us to resell. Specialty bikes, racing bikes, recumbents, and trikes are all examples of high-dollar bikes that are hard to resell and may not get you the offer you are looking for.

Don’t expect top dollar. If you really want a good price, you will need to prep your bike and sell it yourself. Condition is everything. The more we have to do to clean and fix the bike, the less our offer will be to you. If the bike has sentimental value, we can quote a price to fix it, and you can retain your memories. But, don’t expect that old Schwinn to have a lot of value in trade.

Can I get A Price Over The Phone?

To get a good estimate, you will need to bring us the bike for inspection. Use Bicycle Blue Book to get a price if you cannot get the bike to us. Look at Craig's List or e-Bay. Keep in mind though, just because a bike is listed for $1,000, does not mean it will sell for $1,000. A phone estimate from us is only a very rough guide.

You Decide

Once you get our offer, it’s up to you. Our appraisal is free and you can prep the bike yourself and try to sell it for more. Sometimes you can do very well, sometimes not.

Make Your Bike Worth The Most (to us or others)

  • Clean your bike. Use a good degreaser and a brush, like Simple Green.  Never use a pressure washer. After you use the degreaser and brush, then scrub with a cloth and hot soapy water. Rinse lightly. Wipe dry and let it stand in the sun for a while. Turn it upside down to drain any accumulated water. Never wash it upside down. 
  • Polish the bike with a good bike shine, like Maxima SC-1
  • Repair and replace broken parts
  • Put on new brake pads and adjust the brakes - poor brakes will lower the impression of your asking price
  • True the wheels - wobbly wheels are a sure sign of a worn bike
  • Make if shift smoothly - a test ride will be likely
  • Replace those old tires - new tread makes the whole bike stand out
  • ​Replace the tubes so the tires don't lose air (they usually go flat right before a buyer comes to se the bike)
  • Put on a new, shiny, chain
  • Grease and adjust all the bearings
  • Replace the handle bar tape to give the bike a sharp image