Store Policy

Read about our policies, warranties, and other customer agreements - the fine print.


Most orders will be ready within one business day. Please keep in mind that some items may require additional processing time to transfer from off-site locations. Other items may require additional processing time for assembly. We will call or email you once your order is ready for pickup. If you need an item right away we ask that you call us to confirm that the product is available before heading over to our store. Unless special arrangements are made in advance, orders need to be picked up within 15 days or a 10% restocking fee will be charged.


We protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts all of the information you provide to us and prevents outside parties from being able to "see" your transaction information. When your account information is displayed on your screen, we only display the last five digits of your credit card numbers. You also have the choice of whether or not to save credit card information with us in your Online Account.


Occasionally, some items are unexpectedly out of stock or unavailable and may be backordered. If this should occur, we will only bill your credit card for merchandise that is actually shipped. The total shipping charge for orders split into multiple shipments will not exceed the amount quoted on original order.


If there’s a problem with something you purchased from us, please give us a call to see if it can be resolved. All returns shipped to us must have a return authorization number to be considered for refund and must have the return authorization number clearly marked on the outside of the package or the item will be refused. You can either bring the item to our store or ship it back, but we do not pay for return shipping. Claims for damage during shipping must be made to the shipper. Ship authorized returns via Ground UPS or insured US Mail (we do not accept CODs). Used vehicles/bicycles and used merchandise are sold as-is and may not be returned. Damaged or items that cannot be resold as new or not in the original, unopened packaging, or otherwise altered are subject to a restocking or refurbishing fee. Labor or service charges are non-refundable. See additional details below.


This website is intended to help you. We make every effort to maintain current, accurate prices in our on-line catalog. And we strive for similar accuracy and timeliness with the other information we offer here. We appreciate your understanding should any of the prices or other information provided be incorrect and regret any inconvenience such mistakes may create. Please bring any errors you may find to our attention on your next visit or by calling or sending us an e-mail. 

All prices subject to change without notice.
Call store to verify price and availability.

Our Standard Policies and Shipping Guidelines

Due to territory restrictions, customers must take possession of new bike purchases at the store. Take special care when buying a used bike. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, and packaging. Claims for damages due to shipping must be made to carrier. Used Bicycles are sold as-is, no returns. Please make certain this is the item you want before ordering.

For bicycles, please allow at least 10 business days for processing and delivery. Some bikes must go by truck due to weight or other restrictions and may take longer. Orders usually ship three business day after being placed.

Please note that some items may be subject to additional shipping and handling charges because of size or weight.

Sorry, but we do not ship outside of the Contiguous U.S. Call for special shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

The Fine Print. . . . .

The term "Vehicle" shall refer to any Vehicle, bicycle, motorized Vehicle, moped, skateboard, motorized skateboard, trike, scooter, motorcycle, UTV, ATV, quad, or any other type vehicle, whether motorized or not. "Customer" shall refer to the purchaser, buyer, Vehicle operator, and any responsible party to ensure safety. Archer Motorsports, Inc. dba Archer's Bikes, is a company incorporated in the State of Arizona.

Any warranties on the Vehicle, parts or accessories, whether express or implied and including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to those offered by the manufacturer. Archer Motorsports, Inc. disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, on the Vehicle, parts or accessories, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Customer may obtain warranty service from any provider associated with or authorized by the manufacturer. Archer Motorsports, Inc. employees or agent's oral statements do not constitute warranties and shall not be relied upon by Customer and are not part of this contract for sale.

In any event or dispute, Customer agrees the maximum amount for damages of any kind shall not exceed the cost of the merchandise or Vehicle. Customer's sole remedy for damages or claims of any type will be repair or refund. Customer and Archer Motorsports, Inc. mutually agree that any dispute arising as a result of this sale will be arbitrated under the rules of the American Arbitration Association and that the decision made will be final. This document is the complete agreement. Any and all modifications must be made in writing on this document and signed or initialed by both parties. Disputes shall be subject to and governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, regardless of any conflict of law rules to the contrary, with venue and jurisdiction in Maricopa County Arizona even though one or more of the parties may be or may become a resident of a different state.

EXCEPT AS SET FORTH HEREIN AND WHERE APPLICABLE, NO WARRANTY OR AFFIRMATION OF FACT OR DESCRIPTION, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IS MADE OR AUTHORIZED BY ARCHER MOTORSPORTS, INC. ARCHER MOTORSPORTS, INC. DISCLAIMS ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. ARCHER MOTORSPORTS, INC. ALSO DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY FOR CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF PRODUCT MISUSE, IMPROPER PRODUCT SELECTION, IMPROPER INSTALLATION, PRODUCT MODIFICATION, MIS-REPAIR OR MISAPPLICATION. Archer Motorsports, Inc. warrants any used Vehicle, described on the sales receipt, for 30 days from the date of purchase for mechanical defects that existed prior to Customer possession. Used Vehicle warranty only covers the labor to repair defect, parts are extra. Customer must deliver bike to store for any warranty claims or repairs. In any case, Warranty does not cover damage to the frame, fork, rims, or flat tires. The warranty does not cover user negligence. Customer accepts any used Vehicle purchase "As-Is" and agrees that he/she has fully inspected the vehicle to his/her full satisfaction prior to possession. Archer Motorsports, Inc. warrants any new Vehicle for one year from the date of purchase for mechanical defects that existed prior to Customer possession. Any mechanical defect found by Customer after taking possession—other than those caused by customer or by the negligence of the customer or as the consequence of others—during the warranty period, will be repaired at no labor cost to the Customer. Repair or replacement parts are not included or covered by the warranty, except for those replaced by the manufacturer under manufacturer's warranty. All warranties are made void in the event any repair performed by Archer Motorsports, Inc. has been tampered with, altered or repaired by any person not expressly authorized by Archer Motorsports, Inc. or repair that is made by any other party not specifically authorized by the manufacturer. Customer agrees and understands that any type of repairs are no guarantee for Vehicle operability or performance. Archer Motorsports, Inc. may repair or reject a warranty claim, replace defective parts (with new or used parts), or refund the cost of a previous repair or part, at its sole discretion, for defects covered by this warranty. Limited Warranty only applies to purchases over $500 for motorized and over $100 for non-motorized vehicles. Shipping costs, either direction, are not reimbursable, for any reason. 

Once Customer takes possession of the Vehicle in any form or leaves the business property of Archer Motorsports, Inc. with the Vehicle, Customer accepts the Vehicle as complete and to his/her full satisfaction. Furthermore, Customer acknowledges that Archer Motorsports, Inc. cannot control the operating environment or operator of the Vehicle. The condition of the Vehicle and Equipment are accepted "As-Is." Customer has the full responsibility to make note, described and made in writing herein, of any cosmetic features or mechanical flaws needing remedy or repair, prior to possession and accepts its physical condition upon possession. Customer takes full and total responsibility upon possession to carefully inspect the vehicle for mechanical safety and proper operation, including fluid levels and operating temperatures, prior to each and every use. Customer agrees to maintain the Vehicle in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and to take care to ensure proper operation, lubrication, and maintenance is satisfactory and Vehicle is subsequently safe to operate.

Customer understands that using a Vehicle, especially off-highway, has inherent risks of injury to the Customer or others. Risks of injury include, but are not limited to, minor bumps and bruises, major injuries or even death, and as such, Customer certifies that he/she/they are fully competent and skilled to operate the Vehicle under all conditions. The Customer hereby acknowledges that operating Vehicles on trails and roads with or without other like vehicles and riders is a dangerous activity, with a high risk of serious bodily injury or death to Customer/passengers/riders or others. Any liability for incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, direct or indirect damages, special or consequential damages including, but not limited to, damage or loss of other property or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, cost of capital, cost of purchased or replacement goods or any claims of customers of the Purchaser as a result of operation or use of the Vehicle or merchandise is expressly disclaimed to the extent permissible. In any event, any and all claims for damages shall be limited to the value of the purchase price that gives rise to any liability. The Customer and any other operators/passengers/riders or others hereby personally accept all risks and liabilities of any and all activity associated with the Vehicle or merchandise. It has been explained to the Customer and he/she/they understand that by signing this document he/she/they are giving up important legal rights. It is Customer's further intention to give up those rights and in good faith to relieve, release and indemnify Archer Motorsports, Inc., its employees, agents, shareholders, directors and officers, Vehicle manufacturer, of any duty legally owed to Customer in relation to the conduct of this activity or operation of the Vehicle. Customer agrees to follow all applicable laws governing the operation of the Vehicle, on-road or off-road, in a safe and responsible manner, to regularly check the Vehicle for proper mechanical operation and maintenance and to follow any of the manufacturer's guidelines.

In addition to the conditions contained herein, any bicycle/tricycle or kit, new or used, assembled from a kit or un-assembled, by Archer Motorsports, Inc. or by anyone else, that utilizes a gas-operated motor, is hereby excluded from any and all warranties, expressed or implied, and are sold as-is. These gas-operated bikes and kits are essentially toys and your hobby. Archer Motorsports, Inc. expressly excludes any and all claims for damages, actual or consequential, arising from the purchase or use of any and all gas-operated bicycles, tricycles, kits or otherwise. By purchasing a gas-operated kit or bicycle/tricycle, you agree to these Special Conditions for Gas Operated Bikes. Customer accepts all responsibility for the legal operation of the vehicle and assures that they operate the vehicle in accordance with all applicable laws.

With a copy of the original sales receipt and invoice, Customer may return any new merchandise (not Vehicles) within 30-days of purchase for exchange or full refund, as long as it is in the original manufacturer's package, in new condition and complete. All used Vehicles or used merchandise sales are final and may not be returned. Used or new motorized Vehicles, purchased for $500 or more, and used or new non-motorized vehicles purchased for $100 or more, may be exchanged within 10-days of original purchase, or 100 miles, whichever is earlier, for a full in-store credit, less 10% of the purchase price (excluding sales tax), applied to any other used or new Vehicle of equal or greater value, as long as the Vehicle being exchanged is in equal or better condition as it was at the time of purchase. Archer Motorsports, Inc. reserves the right to discount or reject the exchange request at its full and sole discretion. Motorized Vehicles under $500 and non-motorized Vehicles under $100 may not be returned for any reason. Shipping is not covered for warranty or returns of any kind. 

For customized items or special orders placed by Customer, a non-refundable deposit will be required to place the order. In addition, Customer will be responsible for any restocking charges or return fees assessed by the manufacturer, if the order is cancelled. Customer will forfeit deposit if item is not picked up in within 30-days from receipt of merchandise by Archer Motorsports, Inc., as compensation for handling.

For new Vehicles, customer is entitled to a no obligation, no cost, health check of Vehicle between nine months before and one month after warranty expiration. For used vehicles, customer is entitled to a no obligation, no cost, health check of Vehicle during the first month of ownership. Customer will be required to leave the Vehicle at the shop for the service department to make the health check.

Customer agrees that if sold on account, terms are net due 30-days from invoice date. For unpaid balances, interest will accrue and become payable immediately, at a rate of 1% per month, each month, applied to customer's total amount due on account. Interest will be calculated on the total amount owing on the first day of each month following the date of the late payment. Any payments made on account will be applied first to interest accrued, then to balance due.

Customer understands and agrees that certain parts or merchandise additions may not conform exactly with factory installed additions. Customer understands that Archer Motorsports, Inc. already may have added equipment or accessories to the Vehicle. No warranty of compatibility or use is made by Archer Motorsports, Inc.

At Archer Motorsports, Inc. sole discretion, selected items may be held for up to 30-days on deposit. Customer may make payments toward the item at any time during the 30-day period. The initial deposit for the item is non-refundable and forfeited by the Customer at the end of the 30-day holding period if the balance is not paid in full. Additional payments made during the hold period will be refunded (without penalty or interest). Customer may pay the balance due at any time during the hold period and redeem the item, completing the transaction.

For any merchandise or Vehicle shipped, all shipping is FOB to the shipper (e.g., the FedEx truck), freight prepaid. If an item arrives damaged, due to shipping, customer must make claim to the shipper for relief. In any event, if Customer makes claim or dispute, Customer must deliver merchandise or Vehicle, at Customer's expense, to Archer Motorsports, Inc. principle office location for relief or dispute. All used merchandise or Vehicles are sold As-Is, no returns are accepted. Shipping charges are non-refundable. New bikes must be picked up at the store or accepted at the store (we do deliver). For used bikes, Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, if applicable. Cost of shipping will be calculated at time of sale and added to agreed price of bicycle. No charge for packing -- will be done by a bike mechanic. Shipping only to the USA at at this time. Call for a shipping quote to Alaska or Hawaii. Buyer is responsible for re-assembly -- recommend using a professional bike mechanic. Seller has made every effort to accurately represent the item in pictures and description. Buyer agrees that he/she has all the information needed to make a purchasing decision. Used products are sold as-is, no refunds, no returns. New bikes come with standard manufacturer's warranty and limited service warranty (see store for details). Buyer must make claim to shipper for damage or loss during transport. Please make certain of your size, specifications and measurement requirements before ordering. No refunds/returns for items that do not fit. Buyer is responsible for any and all applicable sales or transaction taxes. Sales tax is applied for all Arizona transactions. If, for any reason, dispute or claim, and item is sent back to seller, buyer is responsible for shipping costs both ways. Seller makes no warranty and/or guarantee on fitness for use, condition, safety or life of product. Buyer assumes all risks of use. Follow original manufacturer's safety and use requirements at all times. Payment terms: payment in full prior to shipping, Paypal or credit card only. In the event of dispute or claim, buyer agrees to mediation or arbitration in Maricopa County, Arizona and to be governed by the laws of Arizona.

Privacy Policy: Archer's Bikes does not sell or share personal information or e-mail addresses. Contact information is kept private. Customers may receive e-mail notifications for special offers from time-to-time directly from Archer's Bikes