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Bikes For Every Style

We could go on and on about the role the Haro brand played in the history of BMX/Freestyle.  Or, about how Haro has become the trusted name in BMX for four decades spanning three generations.  Or, how some of the finest riders around the world rode Haro and still do today.  We could, but we won’t, you probably already know it.   But, what you might not know is that while Haro is synonymous with BMX, they are not just a BMX company,  but so much more.

Haro Bikes - Full Catalog

Haro i/O Electric & Del Sol Electric

Haro Electric

Find all of the new Haro i/O e-bike in stack now and ready to take for a test ride. Haro's line up includes the entire spectrum of styles, from urban to mountain. Perfectly balanced using the latest technology from Shimano, a time-tested and trusted brand. Haro's i/O e-bikes perform flawlessly, with the reliability you'd expect from Shimano. Better yet, Haro brings their years of experience building the best bikes in the industry, with perfect geometry, for great handling and performance.

Del Sol Urban Bikes

Del Sol Urban Bikes

Del Sol bikes display the ultimate in style and quality. The entire Del Sol lineup is built around quality and premium fit and finish. If you are looking for a casual bike, that's fun to ride, and has a perfect fit, look no further than any of the superior bikes from Haro's Del Sol collection.

Haro Dual-Sport, Hybrid, Urban & Commuter Bikes

Haro Recreational Bikes

Find a full lineup of bikes made for commuting, sport hybrid, urban, casual, children's bikes, road and town. These Haro bikes are made of top quality components, meant to last for extended miles in multiple applications. Choose from a very broad range of bike styles and configurations to match your needs exactly.

Haro Mountain Bikes

Haro Mountain Bikes

If you dream about endless miles of single-track, the Shift Series is designed for you. Whether you like the simplicity and affordability of our single pivot S3, or the more advanced 4-bar linkage R Series, both deliver optimum trail performance.

Diversity, one of those qualities that make a trail system great. Whether bombing through rock gardens or finding your way up a technical ascent the Shift LT Series does it all. 

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Masi Bicycle Tradition

Masi Road Bikes

Masi has made performance bikes for over 90 years. Haro carries on the Masi tradition by offering a complete lineup of road bikes, from race to performance, the qualify of Masi perfection and tradition stands out in every bike. Race- adventure - gravel - cyclocross - casual: your bike is ready to ride. This is Masi.

Haro & Premium BMX

Haro & Premium BMX

BMX/Freestyle is deeply rooted in the DNA of our brand and that will never change.  Introducing the worlds very first freestyle specific frame and fork to an emerging sport is something that we are very proud of, nearly as much as being the leading brand in freestyle 35 years later. Haro builds a broad range of BMX freestyle bikes that help you do just that, from Pro builds all the way down to slightly more affordable yet fully capable machines.