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Bicycle Rentals At Archer's Bikes

Visiting? Want to try out a new activity? Not sure what type of bike to rent? We have you covered. Our easy online reservation system works right from your phone or computer. See all our bikes online before you rent. 

Not sure you want to buy an e-bike? Rent first. Better yet, You can apply up to $150 of your rental fee towards a new bike of your choice (within 15-days of rental return).

Keep in mind, you are responsible for the retail price of any lost, stolen or damaged items. All bikes are picked up and returned to the same Archer's Bikes location as rented, during normal working hours. All rentals require a refundable deposit (per bike), on a Major credit card, at booking. Rental fees are collected in advance. 4-hour minimum rental period (1/2 day). Ask what size, color and year is available of a particular rental, to avoid misunderstandings.

All our rentals are for sale. If you like the bike you rented - buy it and save. Most of the rental fleet is discounted for sale and you can apply up to $150 of your rental fee towards the purchase. (Bikes are in short supply. We have directed many of our rental bikes to the showroom floor, so selection may be limited.)

$299.99 - $349.99
$799.99 - $899.99
$2,919.60 - $3,959.60
$7,599.00 - $9,899.00
$2,559.60 - $3,959.60
$6,399.00 - $9,899.00

Maps To Our Favorite Routes

Connect to our main page on Ride With GPS where we have a few suggestions on where to ride near our stores. Park in our parking lot and ride from there or load up and catch a nearby trail. 

We have ridden all of these routes and feel comfortable that our descriptions and suggestions are accurate. You can check out all the routes under the "Route Library" tab or narrow down the search to each local shop under the "Collections" tab. Or, get creative and use the "Route Map View".


Bicycle Rental In The Prescott Area

Rent for a day or a week. Urban cruisers are a great choice to ride the Peavine or around town. Pedal or electric are a fun choice for a day with the family or just to take a relaxing ride at the park. 

Bicycle Rental In The Mesa-Chandler Area

Rent for a day or a week. Urban cruisers are a great choice to ride around Tempe Town Lake, Mesa canals, the National Forest, or the Greenbelt. Pedal or electric are a fun choice for a day with the family or just to take a relaxing ride at the park.

Bicycle Rental In The Gilbert-Queen Creek Area

Rent for a day or a week. Urban cruisers are a great choice to ride around Downtown Gilbert, the canals or the National Forest. Pedal or electric are a fun choice for a day with the family or just to take a relaxing ride at the park.

Bicycle Rental In The Tempe-Scottsdale Area

Rent for a day or a week. Urban cruisers are a great choice to ride downtown and ASU, local bike paths like the Greenbelt or Tonto National Forest. Pedal or electric are a fun choice for a day with the family or just to take a relaxing ride at the park.

Rental Considerations

We all want our favorite bike at the right time. That's why you need to submit a rental reservation to ensure we have bike you want, well in advance of your ride date. We suggest at least a one-week advance reservation on your choice. However, you may find the bike you want, even on the day of your ride (not recommended). Having to settle can be frustrating. So, don't procrastinate, reserve online, call or come in to select your bike.

The size of a bike is very important. Fortunately, many of the e-bike rentals are one-size-fits-all. You can come to the shop and try out your selection in our parking lot before you rent. On holidays and other times where a lot of people will be visiting our area, make extra time to reserve your choice. Also, the different bike rental rates available at Archer's Bikes are good regardless of the season or your expertise.

Bikes need to be appropriate for where you're going to ride. Talk with us about where you want to go and your skill level. Each bike handles different terrain, so ask our experts for their advice. We can suggest the right bike for you and your ride expectations.

When you rent, you are responsible for the bike. Even if it is stolen from you, or you crash, you will have to pay for the retail price of the bike (or, for repairs - up to the retail cost of the bike). You are required to accept a hold on your credit card (per bike), beginning at the rental term and reversed after you turn the bike back in. Please return the bike in good condition. Damages, vandalism or misuse are your responsibility. You don't have to clean it before you return it, but heavy dirt and mud may lead to a cleaning fee ($35). Normal wear-and-tear is expected, but: popped or skidded-out tires, bent rims, bent derailleurs, broken spokes, dented frames, etc., are not normal wear-and-tear. Please treat your rental kindly, ride within your limits, always wear a helmet, and bring it back in a condition that lets us rent it again.

Half- and full-day rentals must be returned the same day. Valid driver's license, credit card and signed Rental Agreement with all rentals. Have fun, but please don't abuse our rentals because you are accountable for any damage to the equipment! Bike type subject to availability. Helmets are included with bicycle rental. Please call for availability and group rates. We reserve the right to make minor substitutions to fulfill your request, such as color and manufacture date. 

Not fun, but we have to say, when you rent, you agree to all our terms and conditions on the rental agreement, including:

  • You are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet whenever you ride.
  • When you rent you take full responsibility for where and how you ride. Ride at your own risk.
  • Archer's Bikes does not warrant how the bike performs or its mechanical fitness - check the bike before every ride - don't ride the bike if you suspect something is wrong. 
  • You are responsible for all claims, injuries, damages, theft, or losses.
  • Please don't let others ride the rental because, if anything happens, you are responsible.
  • If someone else causes damage or injury to you or the rental, you take full responsibility for any loss or claim.


Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

How do I rent a bike?
Just call us during normal working hours to book an appointment: 480-275-5818

What about any restrictions?
Operators must be at least age 18.  You must be at least 5 feet tall and be able to ride a standard bicycle. Please make sure you practice riding the rented bike in our lot before you leave. Maximum weight is 250lbs. Maximum allowed speed is 20mph.

What are the E-Bike laws?
Review everything about operating e-bikes at:

Can I ride from the shop location?
Yes. You can ride from the shop directly to the Iron King Trailhead in Prescott Valley. It's an easy ride of about 15min from the shop along residential roads. You may also transport your rental yourself to your destination. We are also close to Stoneridge, Lynx Creek, and the trails starting off of Walker Road.

How long will the battery last on an e-bike?
It is not very likely to run out of battery during a ride. However, it is not impossible. If you only use the electric throttle and don't pedal then you will deplete the battery much faster than normal and may have to pedal your way back on your own power. We recommend that you pedal just like a regular bike (using the pedal-assist function) and you will go much farther on battery assist.

What if I get a puncture?
Although we do provide you an emergency tire repair kit, you still may be left walking back. We do put sealant in all the rental tires do help avoid a flat tire. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent or predict road conditions or guarantee freedom from punctures.

What if my e-bike battery goes dead?
The charge on the battery varies among all bikes. Many factors affect how far you can go. Talk to our technicians if you are concerned about the distance. Be aware, you may be left pedaling back. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee how far you will get on a charge.

What happens if there is bad weather?
We will offer to re-schedule your rental to a later time (or a different day). However, prior to taking your rental, we will provide you with a 100% refund if you must cancel due to bad weather. Monsoons are very common in the Summer, so it may rain for a while and then completely stop. If it rains during your ride, you are obligated for the entire rental fee.

Do I have to sign a form?
 All renters have to sign our rental agreement and waiver before heading out.

What if I do not have a reservation?
It's always best to book ahead. However, you can rent anything available at any time.

What happens if I damage the bike?
Depending on the extent of the damage, you will be responsible for compensating us for the cost of the repairs.

What if the bike breaks down?
Unfortunately, we do not have emergency services. Once you take the bike, you are responsible to bring it back, regardless of why or how the bike breaks down. If you have a problem with the rented bike, you may return to the shop to exchange it for another bike that is available. Please ride your rental before setting out to make sure everything is working properly.

Do I have to wear a helmet?
Yes. All riders should wear a helmet. We will provide one at no charge for your use during your rental.

What is the cancellation policy?
For all cancellations, we ask you to give us at least 48 hours’ notice so we may open your time slots for other people. Any cancelations 24 hours or less will not be refunded. Please call or email us as soon as possible if you feel you may not be able to keep your reservation.

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Bicycle Test Ride Waiver

Bicycle Test Ride Waiver

Bicycle Rental Agreement

Bicycle Rental Agreement