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Services and Rates

Pedal and Electric

We service, repair and have parts for nearly any pedal or electric bicycle, and scooter.

Get bicycle service and parts on nearly any kind of bike at any of our four shops in Arizona.

Electric bike & scooter diagnostic services too.

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Expert Technicians

Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a broken spoke replaced or a complete overhaul - to make your bicycle run and look even better than new - we're bike repair experts with the experience, knowledge and factory training to do the job right the first time, every time.

All our technicians are trained on e-bikes and pedal bikes. Get a diagnostic report before you invest in repairs. Advice is always free. Ask us to help you find the right part from our extensive inventory.

Appointments are not required, but it is helpful when we know to expect you.

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Schedule A Test Ride

You can test-ride any of our bikes for sale. It is a good idea to call ahead and make sure the bike is built, ready to ride, and not sold. However, you don't need to make an appointment. Just drop in and take a ride. If it's not on the floor, you can ask about having it built and return when it is ready. 

We do maintenance, service and repair of any bicycle, scooter or electric bicycle. You can find new and used parts in stock, and we welcome the hobbyist and kit builder. Even Pedi-Cabs are welcome. Chargers, batteries and electrical parts are ready to buy - we'll help you figure out your problem and help you get the right part. Check out the new e-bikes for sale too: e-bike lineup. Also, look at electric bike information on the Electric Bike FAQs page. 

We've prepared this chart to provide a menu of our standard bicycle services and repairs. Please contact us any time. Or, even better, bring your bike in to discuss your bicycle issues and determine which package or service is appropriate. Estimates are always free, so you'll get the information you need and can decide how to proceed. Also, if you need immediate or rushed service to be ready for that big ride or event, please ask, and we'll do our best to fit you in. All services are subject to our Terms and Conditions. 


SERVICEPedal BikeE-Bike
Electric Diagnostics
Safety & Health Check (Basic Adjustments)$39$49
Safety & Deluxe Health Check (Intermediate Adjustments)$69$89
Tune-up (Advanced Adjust and Lube)$119$169
Overhaul (Tear-down and rebuild)$249$299
Pickup / Delivery under 5 miles$35$35
Pickup / Delivery under 10 miles (add $5/mile each additional mile)
Hourly Rate$85$105
Standard Tube Or Tire Change (Tube/Tire/Inserts Not Included)$15$30
Scooter Tire Change Or Solid Tire Install (Tubes/Tires Not Included)$60$60

(Prices are subject to change without notice.)

No More Flat Tires - Install Tannus Armour, Tubeless, and Airless Tire Protection. No Flat Tires

We are the number One Mountain Bike experts in Arizona. Get your MTB ready to ride. Expert MTB Service

We work on most brands of Electric Scooters. e-Scooter Tires & Repair

Common Questions

How long will it take to get a bike repaired?

We do repairs on a first-come, first-served basis. Usually, we have your parts in stock and can get your repair done quickly. Your free checkup or a flat repair may be done the same day, assuming we are not swamped. On average, it takes a week or two to complete repairs. At the time of your drop-off, we will give you an estimated completion date. 

Do you work on electric scooters?

Yes. We can repair flat scooter tires, install solid tires, do scooter diagnostics and make repairs. We keep many of the most popular scooter tires and tubes in stock. 

How much will my repair cost?

A free estimate is given before we start work. We will discuss your options and recommend the most cost-effective approach for your budget. You will be called for approval before any additional work is done if needed.

Do you take appointments?

No appointment is necessary, but it is helpful. You can schedule an appointment online in advance so we can be prepared. Understand that parts might need to be ordered, which takes more time. With an appointment, we may be able to complete a simple repair, such as a tube change, quickly. However, most repairs are done in about a week or two, depending on our backlog and the parts needed. Sometimes your bike is your only means of transportation. You can rent a used bike while your bike is in for repair.

Do you work on E-Bikes?

Yes, we work on all electric bike brands, including wheels and motors. We do warranty repairs on all our featured brands. Get e-bike batteries and chargers repaired or replaced.

Will you work on my department store brand?

Yes, we work on all brands (Roadmaster, Next, Huffy, etc.).

How about my Custom-built Bike?

We do work on costom-built bikes. Even if you started a project and need help finishing it, we are here to help. We work on it all.

I bought my bike at Archer's, what service is included?

  • Free 30-day Health check and adjustment (break-in period)
  • Free one-year Health Check and adjustment
  • Warranty repair for brands we carry

What about home delivery or mobile services?

Delivery is based on distance from our shop. Most deliveries/pickups are $35. You can also have your bike fixed at your home. See our Mobile Services Page for details. Motorized vehicles, especially larger sized units, may involve additional charges - it depends on how big and heavy it is.


Health Check (seasonal) (Excluding parts)
Deluxe Health Check (seasonal) (Excluding parts)
  • General inspection
  • Set tire pressure
  • Check chain wear, wipe and lube (on bike)
  • Adjust and lubricate brakes
  • Adjust derailleurs and shifting, lubricate pivots
  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust wheel alignment and spokes (on-bike)
  • Check major bolts for tightness
  • Motor: check for proper operation
  • Additional parts and labor or services are extra

Tune-up (annual) (Excluding parts)
  • General inspection
  • Set tire pressure
  • Check chain wear, clean and lube drive train (off bike)
  • Lubricate, adjust and inspect drive chain
  • Remove derailleur and brake cables, clean and lubricate
  • Adjust derailleurs and shifting
  • True unbent wheels (off bike)
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check and adjust wheel bearings
  • Check and adjust headset bearings
  • Check and adjust bottom bracket
  • Lubricate all pivot points
  • Check all critical bolts for correct torque specs
  • Motor: check all elect connections, computer & motor operation
  • Clean drive train
  • Wipe down bike
  • Additional parts and labor or services are extra

Overhaul (1-3 years) (Excluding parts)
  • General inspection
  • Set tire pressure
  • Check chain wear, clean and lube drive train (off bike)
  • Disassemble, clean, adjust and lubricate brakes, replace fluid (new pads extra)
  • Disassemble, clean, adjust and lubricate derailleur
  • Disassemble, clean, adjust and lubricate headset
  • Disassemble, clean, adjust and lubricate bottom bracket
  • Disassemble, clean, adjust and lubricate wheel bearings and freewheel/hub
  • Disassemble, clean, adjust and lubricate pedals
  • Refresh sealant on tubeless tires 
  • True unbent wheels (off bike)
  • Install new brake cables (or replace fluid) and derailleur cables and housings (standard)
  • Install new bar tape (standard)
  • Clean drive train
  • Wash bike
  • Lubricate all pivot points as indicated
  • Check all forks and shocks for operation and wear, advise for service
  • Check all critical bolts for correct torque specs
  • Clean the outer bike frame and parts
  • Motor: check all elect connections, computer & motor load check & operation, test voltages, download updates
  • Additional parts and labor or services are extra


Pro MTB Overhaul (Special Discount Bundle - Excluding parts)

  • Disassemble & clean the drive train (replace chain, cassette & chainring if needed)
  • Remove & clean the bottom bracket (replace bearings if required)
  • Remove & clean derailleurs (replace or rebuild if needed)
  • Clean & lube shifter mechanisms
  • Replace or lubricate all shifters & brake cables & housing (bleed hydraulic brakes)
  • Clean, adjust or replace brake pads (check piston action)
  • Service fork & shock seals, wipers & oil (50/100 hr service) (excludes rebound)
  • Refill shock & fork to your spec with racing Nitrogen fill (one free adjustment included)
  • Clean & lube the dropper post & cable (replace the cable if needed)
  • Remove wheels & re-tension spokes to spec. True wheels.
  • Disassemble and clean the headset (replace bearings if required)
  • Disassemble suspension pivot points, clean & torque to spec (replace bearings if needed)
  • Refresh tubeless tire sealant (excluding sealant, install new tires if needed)
  • E-MTB: check all elect connections, computer & motor load check & operation, test voltages, and download updates if available.
  • Check all bolts to proper torque
  • Pro-clean the frame & check for damage
  • Safety & QC Test ride
  • Additional parts and labor or services are extra

Electric Diagnostics (excluding parts)
  • Check the bike or scooter for electrical & mechanical functionality
  • Examine the battery for any damage, such as, swelling, leaking, heat, poor connections, etc.
  • Load test the battery after a full charge
  • Load test the charger
  • Ensure the charger can charge the battery and turn green – check the charger port for damage.
  • Check all mechanical conditions for proper operation and safety – brakes, tires, bearings, latches, bolts, etc.
  • Check all the electrical connectors and note any issues (arching, poor connection, loose wire, etc.
  • Check the controls for proper function: throttle, display, horn, light, signals, brake override, PAS sensor, motor connector and wire, etc.
  • Repair any minor issues: minor brake adjustment, loose electrical plug, brake override, etc.
  • Test-ride the vehicle.
Basic FIT
  • Adjust seat height, angle, and position
  • Adjust handlebar position and rotation
  • Adjust shifter and brake positions
  • Reach measurement and adjust (parts extra)
  • Adjust clipless pedal tension
  • Riding tips to improve training
  • For more on bike FIT, see our Bike FIT page
  • Additional parts and labor or services are extra

Mountain bike SAG adjustment
  • Set front fork SAG using dynamic setting evaluation, static and rolling
  • Set rear shock SAG using static evaluation and dynamic test
  • For more on SAG, see Bicycle Service FAQs (bottom of page)

Service air shock 50hr/200hr (Parts Extra)
  • Replace & lubricate seals
  • Check wear limits
  • Set air pressure
  • Clean air can & stanchion
  • Replace oil

Service air fork lowers (parts extra)
  • Replace & lubricate seals
  • Check wear limits
  • Clean lower legs & stanchions
  • Replace oil

Nitrogen Pro Fill
  • Purge fork or shock and refill
  • One free adjustment (change pressure with Nitrogen)

Bike service special: 50% off

Link to the Mobile Services Page for more information on having work done right at your home.