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We have lots of specials and discounts going on, so you can save on all types of bikes. Supplies are limited, don't delay, visit today.  

Arizona's largest e-bike dealer. Find over 150 e-bikes in stock, all in one location.

See our full lineup, including specials, and used bikes, in the catalog.

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$539.99 - $629.99
$599.99 - $699.99
$649.99 - $799.99
$799.99 - $899.99
$790.99 - $878.99
$989.00 - $1,099.00
$561.00 - $623.00
$701.00 - $779.00
$576.00 - $639.00
$720.00 - $799.00
$539.99 - $584.99
$599.99 - $649.99

We Have Used Bikes Too

Large selection of used bikes

A used bike is a great way to save

Browse a huge selection of used bicycles for sale, including used e-bikes, at our shop in mesa on country club. Our used bikes come with a 30-day guarantee! For your peace of mind, we are a licensed second-hand dealer; we check serial numbers and look for proof of ownership before we acquire any used bike. Every used bike is given a complete health check before it is sold. If it breaks, bring it to the shop and we will fix it (excluding parts - see sales invoice for details and limitations).

There are many unadvertised clearance specials and bargains. Come in the shop early to get your best choice. New inventory arrives every day.

Save even more: Trade-in your old bike

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We service all types of bikes: Pedal - Electric - Gas

Get Set To Ride Now

For less than $15, get your bike a quick Health Check and be back on the road fast. Special 50% off, for a limited time. See coupon for details. We service all makes and models, including gas and electric.