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Learn more about gravel bikes

Gravel Bikes

Adventure - Trekking - Cyclocross - Expedition - Cross-country - Bike camping - Gravel. You have probably heard of the newest bike segment called gravel. As with many bike types, the category can be very broad. Gravel bikes are a style of bike that is designed to be versatile on both paved and dirt roads. Gravel bikes blend into cyclocross, adventure, cross-country, even mountain biking. The multi-purpose vehicle of bikes - gravel bikes - are made to handle well on rough roads, graded dirt, and even trails. Designed to be a bit sturdier than a regular road bike, gravel bikes can carry all your gear, handle difficult weather and still provide a sporty ride on the road.  Snappier than a mountain bike. Light and fast like a road bike. Pedal or electric assist, we have it all.