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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes have become one of the most popular styles of bike in recent years, especially in Arizona. The main reason is their versatility and rugged design. Larger tires and suspension, coupled with an upright riding position, mean these bikes are easy to maneuver on unpaved paths, and yield a more comfortable ride on the road. The rougher the terrain, the more at home these bikes are. Better yet, combine this versatility with a helper motor and your access to fun expands, including being able to ride with your more fit friends. No matter your budget, or riding preference, we have a bike for you.

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Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

Hard Tail

Mountain bikes that only have front suspension are considered lighter, faster and more agile. They are less expensive than an equivalent full suspension mountain bike. You can find hard tail bikes ranging from urban-commuter to full-on carbon racing bikes. They are at home on the street and flowing, cross-country trails. Although hard tails can maneuver the more advanced terrain, full suspension bikes are more common on steep, difficult trails. We have a very large selection of hard tail MTBs, many under $800, so if you are looking for a good value, a hard tail MTB would be a great choice.

$280.00 - $560.00
$299.99 - $349.99
$799.99 - $899.99
$350.00 - $699.99
$499.00 - $639.99
$499.00 - $519.00
Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Full Suspension

Fully suspended mountain bikes come in many styles. Inexpensive bikes can even be found with a simple spring on the back - although they are very limited in their capabilities. Most full suspension bikes start at over $1,500 and come equipped with a shock on the rear and a suspension fork on the front. These bikes are mostly found on the trail and the more expensive versions can handle even the gnarliest terrain. We carry the whole spectrum, with a large selection, fully built and ready for a test ride. 

$1,400.00 - $1,800.00
$1,400.00 - $1,700.00
$2,200.00 - $2,800.00
$2,200.00 - $2,800.00

Electric Mountain Bike Catalog

Electric Mountain Bikes

Since the law changed in Arizona, classifying E-MTBs as bicycles, a whole new level of access is opened to riders. Ride farther, keep up with your fitter friends, access all the fun you may have left behind. E-bikes come in the same variety as pedal bikes. With trail-worthy e-MTBs selling for under $1,500, there is little holding you back. Find a huge selection of built and ready to ride electric bikes on our showroom floor. Test ride one today.

Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes

Adventure - Trekking - Cyclocross - Expedition - Cross-country - Bike camping - Gravel. You have probably heard of the newest bike segment called gravel. As with many bike types, the category can be very broad. Gravel bikes are a style of bike that is designed to be versatile on both paved and dirt roads. Gravel bikes blend into cyclocross, adventure, cross-country, even mountain biking. The multi-purpose vehicle of bikes, gravel bikes are made to handle well on rough roads, graded dirt, and even trails. Designed to be a bit sturdier than a regular road bike, gravel bikes can carry all your gear, handle difficult weather and still provide a sporty ride on the road.  Snappier than a mountain bike. Light and fast like a road bike. Pedal or electric assist, we have it all.

Reconditioned & Guaranteed Used Mountain Bikes

Used Mountain Bikes

On a budget? A used mountain bike is a great choice for a conservative budget, but still get all the advantages of a new bike. Some of our used mountain bikes are rigid frame-style too, making the bike even more affordable. Rigid frames have no suspension, and less to wear out, but retain many of the advantages, like bigger tires and a more rugged frame. Many of the earlier MTB models were rigid frame. Used MTBs can be found for as little as $79. We have lots to choose from, so come on down and take a test ride. New additions are added to the lineup daily - so check back often, even if you don't see the bike you want.

$299.99 - $349.99
$799.99 - $899.99
$2,559.60 - $3,959.60
$6,399.00 - $9,899.00
$2,919.60 - $3,959.60
$7,599.00 - $9,899.00