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Masi Bicycles

Masi has been synonymous with quality and innovation for more than 90 years. Faliero Masi was considered a genius and visionary and his dedication to the individual needs of each and every rider that entered his world, earned him the nickname of "The Tailor" and a reputation as one of the greatest custom bicycle builders of all time.

In 1973, Masi arrived in Carlsbad, California. Under the watchful eye of Faliero, a new era of steel racing bike production began. The iconic Masi Gran Criterium became the company's flagship model; a symbol of Masi’s ambition and unique style that makes it a highly collectible bicycle amongst enthusiasts and "Masiphiles" still today.

A strong commitment to innovation, tradition, and engineered ride quality have been in our DNA for decades and form the leading edge of our core values today. Simply put, It's all about the ride. This is Masi.

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Legendary Performance & Craftsmanship - Masi

Masi offers a full lineup of bikes for every rider. Race, performance, gravel, cyclocross, adventure, urban, track and even legacy. No matter your desire, starting at as little as $549 for a commuter, or $3,000 for a a carbon racer, we have your bike. Ride a legend. This is Masi.

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$1,799.99 - $2,199.99

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