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Flat Tires - Yikes!

No matter what you ride, tires are subject to failure. Conventional tire setups use an inner tube to hold the air and the tire to contact the road. It's been around for quite a while. It's also the most frustrating when you get a puncture. For some, changing the tube is no big deal, even on the road or trail. For others, it may mean the bike is set aside in the garage to collect dust. In either extreme, no one looks forward to repairing a flat tire. 

Your choices in avoiding a flat tire include: a repair kit - sealant - heavy duty tubes - tire liners - inserts - solid tires. Fortunately, we carry all that and can help you either get back on the road or set up your bike to stay on the road.

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Carry a Repair Kit

Flat Repair Kit

Flat tires are a part of cycling. Every cyclist, from professionals to the complete beginner gets them, but don't fret - a flat tire doesn't have to be the end of your ride. With practice you can change a flat in about 5 minutes and get back on the road. Even if you don't know how to change a flat yet, bring these items anyway. Someone else might be able to help you. 

  • Five dollar bill to offer someone who helps you out
  • Basic Kit: Tire levers, Pump or CO2, patch kit, spare tube, wrench
  • A full kit in a seat bag starts at about $35
Desert Proof Your Tires

Desert Proof

If you want to avoid most flats, Desert-Proofing your tires is a good investment. It provides three layers of protection, tire sealant, a heavy duty tube, and a lightweight plastic liner. The liquid sealant will plug any small punctures, the heavy duty tube works with the sealant to make a good barrier (and better sealing), and the liner guards against sharp objects. Our desert-proof option includes the tire sealant, tube, liner and installation. It's a great choice for a new bike or when you bring your bike in for a flat repair. Best of all, we can desert-proof any tire, from road bike to MTB to e-bike. 

  • $40ea for most tires.
Tannus Armour - Better than sealant or tubeless

Install Tannus Armour

Tannus Armour is the ultimate in tire protection and performance for all levels and styles of riding. Sitting between your tire and inner tube, the Tannus Armour provides 15mm of puncture protection on the top, as well as 2mm of sidewall protection from sharp objects and rocks. Whether you are a city biker, adventure tourer or prefer the off-road, downhill or gravel trails, Tannus Armour gives you increased grip and vibration dampening for a smoother, more comfortable and enjoyable ride. Tannus has been developing tire technology since 2003 and they are the number 1 brand of airless tire technology in the world. At the heart of Tannus is their patented Aither Technology. Aither is a multi-cell foam compound that forms the structure of the Armour - weighing in at as little as 260 grams 

  • $70ea for most tires. (installation extra)
Tannus Airless Tires

Install a Tannus Solid Tire

The patented Aither technology that makes up 100% of the Tannus solid tire is an engineering marvel. This material is resistant to wear and tear and still provides comfort, minimizes rolling resistance and provides a safer experience. Tannus Airless Tires are made from cutting-edge patented material called Aither 1.1, allowing them to be completely solid but ride like normal bike tires. Tannus tires aren't affected by thorns, nails, glass, or even pinch flats. Never use a pump again with Tannus tires. Just ride.

  • $90ea for most tires. (installation extra)
Stans is the most trusted name in tubeless technology

Go Tubeless

If you've heard the expression "to Stan's a tire," it's referring to Stan's Tire Sealant. Put the recommended amount in your road, mountain and cyclocross tires and it will stop slow leaks and seal small punctures. Rim strips and valves not included. (Other brands are available at the shop, including: Slime, Orange Seal, Serfas, Monkey Goo, and more.)

  • $8ea for tubeless ready 
  • $35ea for near ready
  • $60ea for not ready
    (Estimated cost, depending on what is needed, sealant, tape, & stems are extra)