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Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Build your own custom e-bike using a variety of motor and battery kits. Convert a new bike or convert your existing bike. Using a kit is a great way to have your bike personalized specifically for your needs. We will also install your kit for you, even if you did not buy it from us.

Convert any bike, such as, a recumbent, trike, specialty bike or other type of bike not normally found in and electric version. Get custom fabrication to make your bike the way you want it.

Ready-Built Bikes/Trikes

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Our most popular kit is the Bafang mid-drive kit

E-Bike Conversion Kits

Conversion kits come in all types. The most common are hub-drive and Mid-drive. Your cost is affected by the size of the motor you choose and the battery. The least expensive kit for casual use would be a 250w hub drive with an 8AH battery. (Read more on specs - E-bike Terminology). Less than this, and you may be disappointed by power and range. 

If you have us provide and install the kit, we warranty the final installation and parts. You can have us install your kit too. However, you are responsible for the right parts and warranty. 

If you want us to do all the work, bring your bike to us, and we will prepare a quote for the whole operation. You can also pick out a bike you like and have us install a kit. This is common for specialty bikes, such as Adult Trikes, Recumbents, and Tandems.
E-Bike Kit Options

E-Bike Kit Options

When deciding on what kit to use, there are a lot of choices. Consider these options:

  • Where to put the motor - A hub drive is the least expensive and most reliable over time. Alternately, a center drive is more efficient, providing a broader application of power up hills and on rugged terrain, and gives a more natural feeling when pedaling.
  • How much power - Anything over 750w of nominal power is a motorcycle. As well, most bicycles cannot hold up long with excessive power. A 500w hub is fine for most conversions, and 750w is plenty for a center drive.
  • How big a battery - How fast you ride and the road conditions dramatically affect the distance traveled. If you use the throttle flat out, don't expect to go too far. Travel at ten mph and pedal in the lowest level of assist to go the farthest. 8AH is the least you should go. Under average conditions, it will take you 15-20 miles. If you have an Adult Trike, a 20AH battery will be good for 20-25 miles.
  • Brand - Spend less - expect less. Bafang is the leader in quality, durability, and reliability. Samsung and Panasonic make the best batteries. 
  • DIY - It is ok to buy online and install your kit yourself. If you get stuck, we can help you finish.