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Service & Parts for All Brands. Find new and used: freestyle - race - park - pro BMX bikes for sale in mesa. Visit our shop to test ride.

We have a big selection of dirt jumper, track, kids, 24", 26", 29" and more. Large selection of 20" BMX in top-tube sizes 18-22.

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BMX Legends

At Archer's Bikes we all ride. Our focus is on the rider. Parts, repairs, accessories: we have all your BMX needs covered. 

From left to right: Jason Divion, Mike "Hollywood" Miranda, Randy Archer, Eric Biro, Eddie King, Perry Kramer, Mike Suit

Featuring GT, Redline, Free Agent, Haro & Premium BMX


The best part of shopping for a BMX bike at Archer's is the big selection. We have bikes built and ready to ride. You can get your bike repaired and get the parts (and advice) you need to do it yourself. Ready for an upgrade? Trade in your old bike and use the cash against your new bike. On a budget - we have used bikes too.

We carry it all: 18" - 20" - 24" - 26" - 29". Dirt jumper and track. We even have great choices for new riders, all the way down to 10" balance bikes and electric balance bikes by Stacyc. Come in today and see all the latest upgrades and newest technology.

BMX Parts & Accessories

BMX Parts & Accessories

We have most of the popular parts and accessories in stock. Special orders are welcome. We can install or repair anything for you or advise on how you can do it yourself. Get any brand or model repaired or customized. Add some flash, dress up your ride or increase performance. Some items are posted online, but many, including used parts and tires, are only in the store. Come by today and see everything for your ride.

Track, Park, Pump Track, Dirt, or, just for fun - find everything you need at Archer's Bikes. 
Parts, Service, Bikes. 
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BMX Bike Size

BMX bikes are measured in two ways, the size of the wheel (20” is the standard BMX Wheel size) and the length of the frame, which is gauged by the top tube measurement. Everyone is a little different, so you might like a frame that is a little smaller or larger than the next guy. Use height as a general guide to wheel size and Top Tube Length.

Rider HeightTop TubeWheel size
2' - 3' Tall11" - 13" TT12" Wheel
2.5' - 3.5' Tall12" - 15" TT14" Wheel
3' - 4' Tall14" - 17" TT16" Wheel
3.5' - 4.5' Tall17" - 18" TT18" Wheel
4' - 5.5' Tall18" - 20.25" TT20" Wheel
5'- 5.5' Tall20" - 20.5" TT20" Wheel
5.5' - 6' Tall20.25" - 21" TT20" Wheel
6' & over Tall20.75" - 21.5" TT20" Wheel