Mobile Bicycle Repair

Mobile Services and bicycle repair in the Mesa-Phoenix-Chandler metro area

Pedal - Gas - Electric

Many of our customers cannot transport their bicycle, e-bike, gas bike, or adult tricycle, etc., to our shop for repairs. We can come get the bike or even do the repairs at your location. Also, if you buy a bike from us, we can deliver it locally or have it shipped. Please note that bike services are offered only for the metro Phoenix area. 

Mobile Bicycle Repair

We will come to you!

  • Trip Charge (pickup, delivery, mobile service - per trip):
    • 5-Miles -- $25
    • 10-Miles -- $50
    • Over 10-Miles -- $10 + $4/mile
  • Minimum charge for mobile service: $78
  • By the hour: $78/hr. (+ trip charge)
  • Individual services: use standard service rates (+ trip charge)
  • Parts are not included


E-Bike & Gas Bike Diagnostics
Health Check$19$29
Deluxe Health Check$29$39
Basic Bike Fitting$50$50
Set SAG on Fork/Shock$50$50
Chain Lube/Adjust/Install$15$25
Replace/Install Tube/Tire (each)$10$30
Replace/Install Tube/Tire Motor Scooter (each)N/A$60
Slime a Tire/Tube (each)$8$8
Brake Pad Install/Adjust (each wheel)$10$10
Brake Bleed (each)$25$25
Tubeless Ready Setup (parts extra - includes sealant - each)$18$29
Refresh Tubeless Sealant (each)
True a Wheel (parts extra + $5 per broken spoke)$15$25
Clean & Repack Bearing (parts extra)$29$39
Pack to Ship (includes box)$60$99
Build a Bike$49$69
Bike Wash$20$30
Clean Drive Train$20$30
Install Bar Tape (parts extra)$15$25
Install Motor Kit (basic)N/A$199
Install Motor Kit (advanced)N/A$299
Install Accessories (each)$10$10
Install Freewheel or Cassette$10$20
Re-thread or Tap Nuts/Bolts/Lugs (each)$15$15
Service Fork Lowers or Basic Shock$45$45
Desert Proof Tires (each)$35$45

Desert Proof Your Tires

Flat tires are a part of cycling. Every cyclist, from professionals to the complete beginner, get punctures. No matter where you ride, punctures are a risk. 

If you want to avoid most flats, Desert-Proofing your tires is a good investment. It provides three layers of protection, tire sealant, a heavy duty tube, and a lightweight plastic liner. The liquid sealant will plug any small punctures, the heavy duty tube works with the sealant to make a good barrier (and better sealing), and the liner guards against sharp objects. Our desert-proof option includes the tire sealant, tube, liner and installation. It's a great choice for a new bike or when you bring your bike in for a flat repair. Best of all, we can desert-proof any tire, from road bike to MTB to e-bike.