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Specialized Bicycles

Specialized Bicycles

Specialized bicycles come with world-class design and engineering. You can always count on excellence in fit and finish in every bike. Specialized goes well beyond other manufacturers to ensure a superior rider experience. For example, the Rider-First Engineered™ philosophy is a size-specific approach to frame construction that ensures every frame performs flawlessly. This is achieved through a mix of extensive data acquisition, expert feedback from professional riders, and a meticulous approach to carbon construction. No matter what type of bike you need, Specialized has your bike ready to ride. Read on and check out some of the latest additions to the Specialized lineup. 

Specialized Sirrus X

Sirrus X

When you’re comfortable, you’re confident. The Specialized Sirrus X is built to deliver comfort without compromising capability, delivering the confidence to get out and ride more often. Larger volume tires absorb niggling road bumps, handle significantly better in the dirt, AND deliver greater stability at all speeds.

Specialized Diverge


Far from the same old rides and the same busy roads, riders are challenging limits like never before. So we challenged ourselves to create a bike that does more than live up to the demands of today’s gravel rider. Diverge wants more—more speed, more distance, more challenge.

Specialized Enduro


You’re looking at a bike that mobs down the nastiest descents at what should be terrifying speeds—with utter calm. It’s a radically new machine. New chassis, new suspension layout, new geometry, and more travel. More to the point, this new Enduro is fast. It's faster descending. Faster climbing. It’s fast, fast as.... well, you get the idea.

Epic Hardtail

Epic Hardtail

Cross-country racing has always been a battle of grams—a contest to see who can build the lightest machine. The Epic Hardtail flips the bird at that hoary convention. Yes, you’re looking at the lightest production hardtail to date, but the new Epic Hardtail is a hell of a lot more than that. This is the most capable and comfortable XC race bike ever.

Rockhopper Hardtail

Rockhopper Hardtail

Specialized swung for the fences to reinvent a historic bike. It’s lightweight but heavy hitting with huge capability and unrivaled ride quality. The Rockhopper is the perfect choice for beginners and novice riders.

Tarmac SL7

Tarmac SL7

Morph Sagan’s superhuman speed with Alaphilippe’s climbing power and you’ve got the Tarmac SL7. The bike that knows no compromise. Climb on the lightest bike the rules allow, sprint on the fastest – all with legendary Tarmac handling. The only choice you need to make is when to attack.

Epic - All it needs is you


You’re looking at the fastest XC bikes in the world. Building on the legacy of the winningest full suspension XC bike in history, these freshly redesigned Epics deliver an unmatched combination of pedaling efficiency, light weight and control.

The all-new Fuse


The Fuse is snappy, confident, built to take a beating, and happiest on trails that make other hardtails cry. Fuse is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a Stumpjumper without the squishy bits. It’s a bike in the key of badass.

The ultimate balance - Roubaix


The new Specialized Roubaix frame delivers the perfect balance of aerodynamics, overall weight, and compliance. It uses innovative aerodynamic tube shapes throughout the bike. A Rider-First Engineered™ design ensures optimal stiffness and compliance across all sizes, as well as a frame weight below 900 grams (1.98 pounds).

Specialized Kids' Bikes

Bikes for Kids

When you give a kid a bike, fun is the only job that matters, right? Start them out right with the best fitting, most grin-inducing bike for them, at whatever stage of their journey.

Roll: Comfort & Performance


The Roll is made of our A1 Premium Aluminum, and it features Ground Control Positioning that makes it easy to put a foot down when stopped. Wide diameter, 650b x 2.3" Nimbus II Sport Reflect tires provide excellent traction, stability, and cushioning, which creates a safer, more reliable, and more comfortable ride on either paved or dirt roads. Plus, the reflective accents of the tire increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.

Specialized Turbo E-Bikes

Specialized Turbo

Since 1974, Specialized has had one goal: Innovate and inspire to improve riders’ lives. Specialized developed their first electric bike in 2009 and knew it had to ride and feel like a great bike first - something they’d love to ride. They wanted it to feel like you were on a “regular” bike, but that somehow, you’d grown superhero legs. Their core mission still hasn’t changed. It’s now, and forever will be their promise for every turbo: It’s You, Only Faster.