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Find Children's Bikes For Every Age Rider

Cool Bikes for Cool Kids

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Find everything you need for School or Home

Big selection of kids bikes

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Your kids will be the envy at home, school, or the playground when they roll up on a brand new bike.
Our bikes are professionally assembled so you can be sure they'll stay safe while feeling cool.

Ages 2-18. Glider/Push, balance bike, training wheels, mini-mountain, BMX, multi-speed, single-speed.

Trusted name brands: Cannondale, Raleigh, Haro, Schwinn, KHS, Specialized.

Kid's bikes: Time to get out and ride!

Time To Jett


Making kids’ bikes is about supporting and nurturing the spirit of riding from the first moment a kid’s feet hit the pedals. Kick-starting their passion for riding by delivering a great first ride means kids are more likely to ride for years to come.

Ages 1 - 4

For the youngest riders, we offer a balance push bike and the 12" Trail bike with training wheel options. Truly something for any youngster excited for their first ride.

My First Bike

Ages 3 - 6

Too big for push bikes and ready to pedal on your own? Cool paint, removable training wheels and built to last. Perfect first bike for your child.

Young Bicycle Riders

Ages 5 - 8

These kids are starting to get serious about their rides. Geared options for the off-roader along with smartly equipped on-road options, in geared and single-speed models, for your budding cyclist.

For the more sophisticated young bike rider

Ages 7+

The cycling bug has taken hold. Smartly equipped with options for the all-rounder, or those leaning toward more serious mountain biking, we've got you covered.