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Magnum Bikes Imax S1+ Electric Scooter
Get the all new Magnum Imax S1+ Electric Scooter - 20 mile range at 20mph - no license required. No confusion - this is not a toy scooter. It's the real deal. The Imax S1+ Electric Scooter was designed with comfort and safety in mind. The large 10" inflated tires in the front and back absorb the shocks from rough terrain while the spacious deck provides increased standing room and stability. The powerful 48V/10A system drives the 500W motor at up to 20 MPH with a range of 15 - 20 miles controlled with a trigger throttle for acceleration and a rear mechanical disc brake for safety. At 36 pounds, it's perfect for running errands, as an alternative method of transportation and for having a fun time. Fast, reliable and stable, this is a great alternative transportation vehicle. It's not a "Kickstarter" or one-off. Magnum scooters have been sold, tested and are built to last for years. This is not a toy, but a heavy duty, full production vehicle. These are built, charged and in stock today. Features on this bike: Model: S1+ Electric Scooter Suggested Use: Commuting, Urban, Neighborhood Warranty: 1 Year Electronic Details: Motor Type: 500 watt Rear-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub Battery: 48 volt / 10 ah (480 wh) Lithium-ion Estimated Charge Time / Estimated Range: 3 hrs / 15 to 20 miles Display Type / Readouts: Fixed Monochrome LCD / Battery Charge Indicator (5 Bars), Speed (mph, kph), Power Level (1-5), Odometer Drive Modes / Top Speed: Trigger Throttle / 20 mph Scooter Details: Total Weight: 36 lbs Frame Types: Folding Geometry Measurements: Unfolded Dimensions: (H) 980 mm x (W) 520 mm x (L) 1140 mm Frame Material / Frame Colors: Aluminum Alloy / Metallic Black Stem / Handlebar: Tool-Free Adjustable Height / Folding Brakes Details: Mechanical Disc in Rear, Tektro Lever with Motor Inhibitor and Integrated Bell Grips: Rubber, Ergonomic Tire: 10" in Inflatable Front and Rear Accessories / Other Details: Front and Rear Fenders, Optional board colors, Single Side Kickstand on Left Rear / 2 Amp 1.5 lb Charger, Must Hit ~2 mph for Motor to Activate for safety
M8-Tech City M8 Scooter/Moped
$2,499.99 $2,999.99 17% Off
Free shipping in the contiguous USA, on any current bike in stock! (Some assembly is required) The CityM8 ("City Mate" for short), is the newest entry into the electric sport-scooter market. It can be operated as a moped, scooter or motorcycle. There are three selectable operating modes. The fastest, closed-course or track mode, can propel the bike up to 45mph. In Street mode (low), it operates like a scooter or Class 2 e-bike, with a maximum speed of 20mph. When operated conservatively, most riders can get up to 60 miles per charge (average would be 30 miles). Whether you ride for fun, commute to work or just want a bike to zip around on errands, the CityM8 will not disappoint. The CityM8 Sport scooter/moped provides 100% electric power with zero emissions, and zero fuel at a great price. Whether you’re a novice or experienced motorcycle rider, you can easily use these fun little bikes to commute to your office, run errands around town, or visit the supermarket. All this comes at a low cost, with stylish looks, and saves the planet one throttle pull at a time. Electric powered scooters and motorcycles are getting a lot more popular these days because people are tired of the high cost of getting around town, fighting traffic hassles, and they want to help to save the environment. M8-Tech believes in this thinking, and they figured, why not save money, help save the planet, and look good doing it. Join the e-bike movement and come along for the ride! The CityM8 offers a reliable alternative to premium-class Mopeds. Our scooters are fun, comfortable, and easy to ride. The CityM8 was engineered and built by enthusiasts just like you. Our team has ridden motorcycles for years and have found that Electric bikes are just as fun and enjoyable as the gas-powered alternative. The thing is, times are a changing, electric power is the future. The CityM8 is powered by a class-leading brushless motor, allowing it to rip at a maximum speed of 35 mph with plenty of torque and a climbing angle of 25 degrees (when switched to the closed-course mode). Deep in the body of the CityM8 lies a 72v lithium battery, when fully charged is good for miles of trips around town. In terms of comfort, the M8 doesn’t disappoint with its fully adjustable 140mm rear shock, and 140mm front fork. For safety, the M8 is fitted with disc brakes, front and rear, and wide 12-inch super grip tires, for a smooth ride. The CityM8 Sport scooters have many benefits over other motorized vehicles. These features include: ** Environmentally friendly. The CityM8 helps you save on the consumption of gas/fuel. They require zero fuel, which means you can travel many miles without worrying about fuel expenses. The CityM8 has zero exhaust spewing into the environment, which makes it an ideal alternative for people who want to ride without causing harm to the environment. ** Less Maintenance. The CityM8 has fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance and repair costs, as compared to a gas bike, motorbike or even a motorcycle. This is because the entire motor is in the rear wheel: no chain, no shifting, no pedals. ** Quiet. The CityM8 is super quiet, with almost no noise pollution as compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. Reminder: The CityM8 is stealthy, so don’t spook your neighbor's dog. He may not like it. ** Lower Cost of Ownership. If operated as an e-scooter, there is no registration, no license, no insurance, no plate, and no title. We can’t tell you how much fun you’ll have with short rides around the city, beating traffic as you zip past all the stopped cars. Plus, think how cool you'll look riding the CityM8. (In Arizona, you must operate a scooter under 20mph and only adjacent the highway or on designated paths. Even when registered as a moped, you only need a license, insurance, registration, and proof of ownership. Not a legal opinion – see an attorney for legal advice.) Highlights ** Zero Emissions - Zero Gasoline ** Low Maintenance ** Easy to Ride ** Integrated security system & alarm with anti-theft lock of rear wheel ** Brushless 2000-watt motor (2,000w peak output, 750w nominal in street mode) ** Maximum speed of 19mph (street mode) / 45mph (track mode) ** Three operating power modes: 1 – E-bike street, 2 – Economy, 3 - Track ** 72V-20AH lithium-ion battery: provides 30-60 mile riding distance, depending on conditions ** Charge time: 6 to 8hours ** Hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear ** Tubeless 120/70 12-inch tires ** 210 lbs., measuring 69” (L) x 31”(W) x 69”(H) ** Strong carbon steel frame ** Easy to read LED display, all-LED headlights, and indicator lights ** Storage (that’s not a gas tank) ** Spring/oil front fork 140mm and Rear spring/air/oil with compression/rebound setting, 140mm ** One-size fits most riders ** Color option: RED / BLUE / BLACK (more colors coming soon) The CityM8 is in stock, charged up, test-driven, and ready to ride home today. No hidden fees. Our price inc
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