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Electric Scooters

500W Hub Motor The 500W hub motor on the wheel can provide a peak power output of 700W, which is powered by a 25A speed controller, maintaining the optimal performance of the e-scooter at all times. 22mph. Always wear a helmet. Ride only in designated bike lanes. Observe all vehicle laws.
The original electric scooter. The GXL V2 is one of the most iconic models from GOTRAX. It is still one of our most popular models and has introduced hundreds of thousands to the world of personal electric transportation. The original electric scooter, the GXL V2 is one of the most iconic models from GOTRAX. It is still one of our most popular models and has introduced hundreds of thousands of riders to the world of personal electric transportation.
The G5 is designed with the commuter in mind. Featuring front suspension and a 48 volt battery for more power, the G5 has been named the Best E-Scooter of 2023. The G5 is the next upgrade in electric scooters. Our first electric scooter to feature front-wheel suspension, the G5 offers a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter where you end up traveling. Its improved range, specs, and design make this one of our best e-scooters of 2023.
The Eclipse introduces a new, sleek design to our electric scooter lineup without sacrificing your favorite features from our other models. On top of a digital code lock, a rear-wheel motor, and one-touch folding, enjoy stylish LED lights and an all-new wheel suspension that keeps your ride as smooth and fun as possible. The Eclipse is a cool and comfortable electric scooter. Featuring an updated frame and front-wheel suspension, the Eclipse is an e-scooter that can handle even the bumpiest commutes. We didn’t skip out on style, either: the Eclipse has a subtle but cool LED glow that will grab the attention of everyone you pass. Some of our most popular e-scooter features also make a return, including a digital code lock, a powerful rear-wheel motor, our convenient one-touch folding mechanism, and more.
The Apex is a game-changing electric scooter designed with rear-wheel drive and an in-deck battery that enhances power, distance, and stability for an all-around better ride. Capable of up to 15 miles per charge, the Apex does wonders for commuters and is also budget friendly. A new way to ride, the Apex features a brand-new, redesigned frame for a more comfortable and balanced riding experience. It is one of our first electric scooters to feature a rear-wheel motor, improving not only acceleration, but also hill-climbing ability for steeper rides.
The GX3 is the best of our performance electric scooters. Designed with a more powerful motor and a bigger battery for even more speed and a longer range, the GX3 blows every other scooter out of the water. The result of listening to our riders and finding out exactly what they want in their e-scooter, the GX3 is our best electric scooter ever. More range, more suspension, and more speed: this electric scooter provides plenty of all three, and then some.
The EBE1 features our step through design as well as folding capabilities so you can take this e-bike wherever you go. Reach 28 miles per charge and 15.5 mph on this sturdy, reliable ride. 36v 350w. Gotrax EBE1 16" Electric Bike for Adults, 25km/h & 25KM Range by 350W, Foldable Commuter Electric Bike with Rear Suspension, Lightweight Electric Bicycle with Dual Disc Brakes & Dual Fenders Black
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