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Electric Scooters - Seated

The Eclipse introduces a new, sleek design to our electric scooter lineup without sacrificing your favorite features from our other models. On top of a digital code lock, a rear-wheel motor, and one-touch folding, enjoy stylish LED lights and an all-new wheel suspension that keeps your ride as smooth and fun as possible. The Eclipse is a cool and comfortable electric scooter. Featuring an updated frame and front-wheel suspension, the Eclipse is an e-scooter that can handle even the bumpiest commutes. We didn’t skip out on style, either: the Eclipse has a subtle but cool LED glow that will grab the attention of everyone you pass. Some of our most popular e-scooter features also make a return, including a digital code lock, a powerful rear-wheel motor, our convenient one-touch folding mechanism, and more.
The perfect blend of scooter and bike, the Flex is great for errands or for riding in comfort. A free storage basket is included. Take a seat and relax with the Flex. Our first electric scooter to come with a built-in cushioned seat, it’s perfect for quick commutes around town. The Flex is also our first e-scooter to come with a rear storage basket for additional storage. Campus Pro - 48v 500w 10Ah
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