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About Archer's Bikes

Read more about who we are and good reasons to shop at our store. 

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Our Values - Who We Are

We are a multi-location bicycle shop that specializes in e-bikes. We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we welcome all customers. We offer many new and used bicycles, e-bikes, parts, and accessories. We also offer a full range of services, including repairs, bike fit and setup, e-bike conversions, suspension repair, warranty, mobile services, financing, and rentals. We strive to be a one-stop shop for all of your bicycle needs. Shop online, in-store, curbside, or have your order delivered to your home.


We believe in doing the right thing, always. This means being honest and transparent with our customers, employees, and community. We build trust by being fair and equitable and by putting our customers first. We believe that profit should be earned through providing value, not through exploitation.


We are committed to making the world a better place. We do this by offering products and services that help people live healthier, more active lives. We also believe in giving back to our community and supporting various local organizations that are making a difference.

Customer Focus

We are focused on the long-term success of our customers. We provide exceptional customer service, no matter what. We build relationships by fostering a sense of responsibility to our customers and their health and fitness. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and reject bias and prejudice.

Future Driven

We are always looking to the future. We embrace new technologies and emerging product segments. We are committed to continuous improvement and seek new ways to serve our customers better.


We are entrepreneurs at heart. We are passionate about our work and always look for ways to improve. We are committed to our company goals and values and always seek ways to contribute to our success.

Why Shop With Us

  • We will work on any bike: vintage, dept. store, unusual, side-by-side, recumbent, trike, etc.
  • We try to give every customer the best buying experience and encourage your feedback
  • Full lineup of parts and merchandise in stock, including used parts
  • We welcome all customers: diversity and inclusion first
  • We take trade-ins and we buy bikes
  • An owner is always at the store
  • We carry top name brands
  • Big selection: new & used
  • Options: Pedal & Electric
  • We back up what we sell
  • Family owned

A Brief History

In early 2012, our founder, Mr. Archer, galvanized a concept and tested marketing theories on what a bicycle shop should be. Archer started the business in 2013. After considerable investigation and market testing, he found an underserved market for inexpensive bikes. Most frugal buyers went to department stores, like Walmart and Target, to get their child or themselves a bike. Unfortunately, as is often the case, these bikes are cheaply made and poorly put together. Archer then started buying used bikes, checking each for safety and operation, and selling them on Craig's List. As a group, thrifty buyers were eager to drive across town to buy a decent bike for a realistic price.

Most bike shops are organized around moving new bikes each season from the new model year. Often, this means the customer must prove their enthusiasm for the new tech or be marginalized for wanting a good bike at a fair price. Other options are the large impersonal retailers. Either way, a good value is hard to find. And, although many buyers resort to a used bike, there is usually a compromise. Worse yet, even if a buyer finds a used bike online, there is no guarantee it is not broken or has some concealed or unknown damage.

Archer soon realized that a used bike store, with many options and a guarantee, was a viable business prospect. In January 2015, Mr. Archer and his son opened Archer's Bikes first location in Mesa. Success soon followed as buyers realized they had an alternative. Archer also began stocking high-quality yet affordable overstock bikes. This meant buyers could choose new or used, making their trip to the store eventful.

Many of the used bikes Archer procures come from trade-ins. As such, Archer made certain to be licensed as a secondhand dealer and to work closely with local law enforcement, ensuring that stolen bikes did not get bought or sold. As a result, every bike gets a thorough checkup and is passed through the national and local crime database to ensure it's not stolen. Customers enjoy that if the used bike they bought has a problem, they can resolve it (unlike a bike purchased from a private party).

From the outset, Archer also saw a need for motorized bikes. Electric-powered bikes, in particular, are an emerging market with growing popularity. Today, Archer's Bikes is Arizona's leader in choice and inventory for e-bikes and analog bikes. The showroom has all types of electric bikes and trikes, one for every need.

Buyers from all over Arizona shop at Archer's Bikes. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are at the highest level. Parts, service, accessories, and our top-rated mechanics are all here to serve our customers.

Our Culture & Our Customers

We began Archer's Bikes with careful consideration of who our customers are and what they need. What we found was an underserved demographic of buyers looking for practical and affordable transportation. This involved quality used and new, pedal and electric, bicycles.

Our customers wanted more than mass-market (Walmart, K-Mart, even Amazon). They said these department store bikes are not built well, leading to premature breakage. Also, they wanted reasonable prices and knowledgeable staff. At a yard sale or off Craig's List, they said there is too much risk in buying a bike from a private party because the bike may have concealed defects (or be stolen). A private sale has no recourse if you buy a dud.

Over time, and after careful market testing, we found that the biggest draw was for value-priced bikes in each segment: pedal and electric. Our customers also had bikes at home that were collecting dust that they no longer wanted. With a stock of over 100 used bikes and room for more, buying a customer's bike or taking a trade-in was easy. Today, we are always looking for a good used bike to repair, guarantee and put on our floor.

Customers can now visit our shops and browse through hundreds of bikes for every application. They bring their trade-in and find their new or used bike, all in one visit. Better yet, as a full-service shop, we can advise on options to keep a bike working and make an appraisal of the value of a bike before they put a lot of money into a repair. Our customers even use their appraisal to list their bikes for sale and later return for the bike they want.

The best part of Archer's Bikes is the selection, especially for electric bikes. With over 400 e-bikes and 800 pedal bikes in stock, no one has the selection of built and ready-to-buy bikes as we do. For e-bike customers, this is huge. They can see and ride the bike they want before they buy it.

At Archer's Bikes, we welcome everyone. Even if you bought your bike online and it's still in a box. We can put it together for you. Some customers even have purchased a kit online, only to get frustrated with the build. So for a modest cost, we finish the job.

If you are in the market for good value, a pleasant buying experience, knowledgeable staff, and a place to get repairs come on in. Browse around and get comfortable with the bike you want. Parts and services for all types of bikes, even exotic kits, can be found. We are one of the few shops with electric bike parts in stock.

We care because we are family-owned and operated. An owner is always at the shop to help you with your purchase. Our staff understands this and treats every customer with personal service. Visit today and find out why we are Arizona's largest powered bike dealer and rated the highest in customer satisfaction.

Customers drive from Flagstaff, Tucson, and even Quartzite, to take advantage of our selection and service. Shop online or visit. You will not be disappointed.

Check out any of our locations in Arizona.