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Hot Topics and Handy Links

Our customers provide us with a wealth of information. Often, it finds its way onto our websites. Our suppliers contribute as well. Most of the articles offer links to additional information, too. The following are links to the various places where we have collected a ton of information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions asked

Electric Bicycle FAQs & Info

Everything from where to ride legally to e-bike operation - E-Bike FAQs

E-Bike Battery Safety FAQs

How to take care of your e-bike battery - Battery Safety

Bicycle Maintenance FAQs

Everything from tires to chains - Service FAQs

Gas Bike FAQs

It's a hobby - How to ride safe and reliable - Gas Bike FAQs

Service Rates FAQs

Find out how much it will cost to fix your bike - Service Rates

Mobile Service FAQs

Pick up or deliver your bike or get your bike fixed at your home - Mobile Service

Bicycle Rental FAQs

Take a nice bike ride and let us help - Bike Rentals

Join Our Team

How to apply for a job with our team of pros - Careers


Learn more about who we are and our history - About Us

Locate A Store

How do you find us, you ask? - Find Us

Drop Us A Note

This is the easiest way to e-mail us: or Contact Us

Write A Review

If you liked our service, write us a great review - Write A Review


These days, most manufacturers only provide manuals online or none at all

Operations Manuals

This is a short collection of the most requested manuals - User Manuals

Short Articles

Find everything you need to know about bicycling on our Blog page

Fix or Maintain A Bike

DIY or get headed in the right direction - Bicycle repair

General Bicycling Topics

Short articles about bicycling - Bicycling

Topics on Electric Bikes

Explore all the facets and latest trends - E-bikes

Topics on Gas Bikes

Read all the ideas about gas bike kits - Gas Bikes

Bicycle & Product Reviews

Perspectives on new bike trends - Bike Reviews

Buy or Sell Your Bike

Get the most from a used bike sale or purchase - Used Bikes

Riding Tips

Get information and tips for our most popular topics

Fix Your Mountain Bike Suspension

We are mountain bike experts - Fix Your MTB

Flat Tire Prevention

Learn about all the ways to keep your tire full of air - No More Flats

Be Prepared

This is a collection of tips and tricks before you ride - Trail Tips

Bicycle Terminology

A fun collection of bicycling terms and jargon - Terminology

Our Favorite Routes

Our collection of map routes that can be used on your phone - Ride With GPS


This is a collection of our terms and conditions


We wish it could always go right, but when it doesn't - Conditions of Sale

Rental Agreement

What you agree to when you rent a bike from Archer's - Rental Agreement

Service Agreement

What you agree to when you get your bike fixed - Service Agreement

Sales Agreement

What you agree to when you buy something from us - Sales Agreement

Your Privacy

Our promise to protect your information - Privacy Policy

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