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Demo Day: Come out and ride any of the Yamaha bikes.

We will be meeting at our shop on Sunday, December 16th, from 9am to 3pm. Try out the new Yamaha YDX Torc, Cross Connect, Cross Core and Urban Rush. All you need to ride: your favorite pedals, helmet, State issued ID and a credit card. Look for our van on Power Road, North of Thomas, near the canal crossing. All demo visitors will receive a Yamaha purchase discount, good until the end of the year. Visit our shop too. Find over 100 e-bikes in stock to choose from, all in one location.


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Yamaha Urban Rush

Urban Rush

Nothing beats the excitement of standing at the start line. For you, every stop light and crosswalk line is a chance to win again. Standing-start-sprints on your commute to work. Total concentration. Total pavement domination. No longer do you have to shave your legs to lead the pack. $3,299

Yamaha YDX Torc

YDX Torc

No need to load an eMTB onto your car to ride that hero dirt on your local trails. Adventure begins at the end of the driveway with electric pedal assist that will get you to the singletrack and up the most giant climbs. Explore new routes and take the long-way home. You’ll be back before you know it. $3,499

Yamaha Cross Connect

Cross Connect

Only 3 miles to the store, but somehow driving always takes 30 minutes. Redefine routine. Take the eBike! Rip down to the store! Load up the rear-rack and enjoy your new viewpoint behind bars. Pavement or bike path, explore your way. $2,999

Yamaha Cross Core

Cross Core

Your daily trek isn’t like others. You’re surrounded by hills and you demand more than just a regular fitness bike. You want the efficiency of a road bike, ergonomic comfort of a flat handlebar and power assist technology that allows you to charge the day. Grab your CrossCore and live Generation Go! $2,399