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eBikeKit Li-ion 52v 17ah battery, Frame Mtg & Charger

eBikeKit Li-ion 52v 17ah battery, Frame Mtg & Charger
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Product Details

The 52V 17.5Ah Jumbo Shark Pack is designed to work with our Bafang Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kits. This 52V Jumbo Shark Pack will give you the turbocharge boost you are looking for to maximize your voltage with the 48V Bafang BBS02/BBSHD kits! The battery includes plug and play Anderson connections for our Bafang BBS02/BBS0 motor kits.This 52 volt battery should be compatible with most 48 volt ebike or ebike kit (however you may have to change the connections depending on your setup). The battery securely attaches and locks to the downtube mount with the included keys. Batteries can be removed easily without disconnecting any wires to charge and/or store indoors.

52V Battery packs are designed to turbocharge your 48V Bafang ebike kits by maxing out the possible amount of voltage that the 48V Bafang controllers can handle to get the most possible power out of your 48V ebike system. 52V batteries give your 48V Bafang systems more power and longer range. The 52V pack gives you an extra 200 watts more than a 48V pack. The added voltage also provides you higher top end speed, more power and a longer distance range compared to a 48V ebike battery pack with the same amp hour rating. A 52V battery will give you ~8% longer range than a 48V battery with same amp hour rating. All our Bafang motor kits (BBS02/BBSHD) are compatible with 52V batteries as our upgraded, robust controllers are made to handle a maximum of 52 volts.

Product Features

52V 17.5Ah Lithium-ion Ebike Battery Pack
Genuine, High-quality Samsung 35E 18650 Cells
Smart Battery Management System (don't have to worry about overcharging!)
Direct (Male and Female) Anderson plug connections for Bafang motor kit
Jumbo Shark Pack design that easily fits and mounts on most bike frames
Ebike Battery Mount (typically mounted on bike's downtube were the water bottle holder goes)
Convenient and quick mounting release to easily take your battery on and off your bike
Lockable and removable with two keys included
LED light charge-level indicator
New On/Off Switch
High-Quality Aluminum Battery Charger with built-in fan and 3-prong grounded US Plug (your choice of 2amp or 3amp Quick Charger)
Easy to use charger port
Pack voltage: 52 volts
Pack capacity: 17.5 Amp hours
Up to 910-watt hours for a long, powerful range
35 Amps Continuous BMS Discharge Rate
Lightweight approximately 9.5 pounds
52V 17.5Ah Jumbo Shark Battery Specs:

Will the 52V 17.5Ah Jumbo Shark Battery fit on my bike?

If you are unsure of whether the battery will fit on your bike frame, download and print the below actual size battery cut-out. Follow the directions on the downloads for cutting out and creating your actual size battery cutout to make sure that it works on your bike frame.

**Please note, you will want some wiggle room from your bike frame to the front/top of the battery (approx. 0.5 inch) in addition to the battery cutout to ensure that you will be able to easily take the battery on and off your bike.

Part Numbers

210000008684 8684