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Specialized Turbo E-Bikes

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Specialized Turbo Levo

Our E-Mountain Bikes give you the power to ride more trails. And with silent, pedal-assisted power to the pedals and proprietary technologies that would make a Silicon Valley engineer blush, we're taking your trail rides to new heights…and more thrilling descents.


Specialized Turbo Vado

VADO Commuter/Trekking 
If your two-wheeled goals include getting in shape, commuting, and hauling a little you-know-what, consider the Vado your partner in health. It's low-fuss, high-tech, and sure to blow your wig back with its pedal-assisted motor and long-lasting battery life.


Specialized Turbo Como

COMO Urban/Cruiser 
Turbo Como is all about making you feel good. The ride is as smooth as it looks, and Turbo Como’s efficient design helps you get more out of every pedal. Ride until your cheeks can’t stand your smile.


Specialized Creo SL

We’re going to flatten your climbs and make you laugh in the face of headwinds with our first ever Turbo road bike. This mighty cocktail of light weight, power, range, and connectivity will turn you into a monster in the saddle. Nothing else on the road comes close. This is the future of performance road. Turbo Creo SL—It’s You, Only Faster.

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Specialized Turbo E-Bikes